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    Posted on: February 18th, 2013

    Top 8 Jobs for 2013Many experts believe that 2013 will see quite a few changes in the job market. As the economy continues a slow recovery and the nature of work itself continues to change, workers are looking for more options when it comes to a career. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 8 most in-demand jobs in 2013.

    1. Computer Systems Analyst

    As our world becomes increasingly reliant on computer technology, the demand for workers in this sector continues to rise. Computer systems analysts are responsible for troubleshooting problems with computer processing and manage important programs within a business infrastructure. According to careerbuilder.com, the U.S. workforce has added 26,937 jobs in this sector since 2010. The average wage for these professionals is over $35 per hour.

    2. Sales Representative

    Salespeople provide a vital function in every business. Without the work of these professionals, goods and services simply wouldn’t get purchased! Business-to-business sales in industrial companies may present excellent opportunities in the next few years, according to CBSnews.com. Many salespeople in this industry earn more than $30 per hour and commissions can make this number much higher.

    3. Physician Assistant

    Health care reform is going to result in many changes in the medical industry, including an increase in the demand for qualified professionals. Physician assistants have very similar responsibilities to physicians, but the training required is significantly less. Most PA salaries are in the six-figure range.

    4. Mechanical Engineer

    The United States is facing a major shortage in engineers and this has resulted in a 6% growth rate in jobs according to careerbuilder.com. The average mechanical engineering position pays around $38 per hour.

    5. Human Resources

    HR professionals are responsible for recruiting employees and managing issues that arise with existing staff members. Most HR positions require a four-year degree, but some junior level positions may not—it all depends on the company. According to Forbes.com, 22,773 jobs were added in HR and labor relations in 2010.

    6. Accountant

    Accounting and auditing professionals provide important financial services for businesses of all sizes. While many accounting positions require a four-year degree and certifications, you may find junior-level and assistant bookkeeping jobs that do not. These jobs pay quite well, with the median earnings at around $30 per hour. According to Cbs.com, 37,123 jobs have been created in this sector since 2010.

    7. Software Developer

    With so many industries becoming more reliant on computer programs, software developers have become more important than ever. The median wages for these positions averages about $44.59 per hour! If you have a talent for computers and believe programming might interest you, then you may want to consider a career in this field.

    8. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Professionals

    These professionals analyze data and help develop marketing campaigns that sell products and services. According to Military.com, 31,335 jobs have been added in this sector since 2010.

    The workforce is predicted to experience a significant shortage in many positions over the next few years. If you are looking for a new career path, you may want to consider one of the 8 types positions we have listed here.


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