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    For those who wish to work as beauty therapists, which is a common term used overseas for those who provide hair, nail and skin care treatments, there is a growing demand. In this field, there are opportunities available for those who wish to provide services. Most individuals who become a beauty therapist will need to obtain a license to provide these services. They may then work as hairstylists, barbers, or cosmetologists. Others work as estheticians.

    About Beauty Therapists and the Prospects

    For those who work as a hairstylist, barber, or a cosmetologist, there are opportunities for growth in the field. The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics states that those who work in this field will see job growth increase by about 14 percent, which is about as fast as average in this field. By 2020, this will add about 100,900 jobs to the US as a result.

    In this field, individuals will provide skin care, hair care and other related services to customers. Many who work in this field will provide services based on client needs. This may include cutting, styling and coloring hair. For those who work as estheticians, which is a specialized field in this area, the goal is to provide for skin care treatment. This may include providing makeup services, facial hair removal as well as some skin care guidance. However, they are not dermatologists and are unable to provide any type of medical treatment for skin conditions.

    Beauty Therapy Training

    What Training is Required to Become a Beauty Therapist

    In order to become a cosmetologist or work in any other aspect of beauty therapy, individuals must obtain a state approved license. To do this, students will need to complete a period of training that can run from nine months to a year. Additional programs may be necessary for those who provide esthetician services or work as a barber. Individuals will need to then complete a state mandated test. This test covers both practical or hands on testing as well as written testing. Once the individual has a license, he or she must maintain it through regular continuing education.

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    Beauty Therapist Jobs

    Jobs in the Area of Beauty Therapy

    Those who wish to work as a beauty therapist will have the opportunity to develop outstanding skills for clients. There are some different types of positions available that can fill their individual’s need. This may include positions such as working as a hairstylist. Stylists have the main gold of styling hair to meet the client’s needs. Most will handle little cutting or chemical work. Cosmetologists focus on total are including cutting, scalp treatment, chemical treatments and more. Those who work as a barber will focus specifically on a male client base, though some will work with women too. Additionally, estheticians work with makeup, basic skin care and facial hair removal.

    For those who wish to work as a beauty therapist, there are opportunities available in this field. Those who are good with people and enjoy fashion trends will do well in this field. It can be a diverse field that’s challenging but rewarding.

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