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  • Don’t Overlook One of the Best Careers to Enter in 2013: Beauty Therapy Careers

    Beauty Therapy CareersFor those individuals who like to work with other people, beauty therapy careers could be the ideal option. This career field includes those who work as hairstylists, cosmetologists, barbers, and even estheticians. States do require those who work in these positions to obtain proper training and education in the field. Licenses are a requirement as well. However, once you work to build up your experience, you may find that this is an ideal career path for you. It definitely offers long term promise and opportunity.

    What Do Beauty Therapists Make?

    The amount of pay for these individuals really depends on the specific field you are in. Those who made the most worked as barbers, who often earn about $11.45 per hour for their services. Those who work as hairdressers, stylists, and cosmetologists may earn as much as $11 per hour in their field. Those who work in other areas will earn based on their client’s specific needs. Shampooers, who do not have a license and do not providing anything but shampooing help, earn about $8.78 per hour.

    Beauty Therapy Careers – Improving Income

    There is definitely a demand for professionals in this industry. However, those who do the best in it work to build up their career one step at a time. They often work first at establishing a client base by working in a salon or other established facility. Some will then open their own facility and provide all of the services in that facility. If they hire others to work for him or her, they earn money from each customer that walks in the door. Though many in this field start out earning a base salary that’s very low and then earning through tips, managerial positions are paid through specific salary. This can be more lucrative in the long term.

    What Hours Do Beauty Therapist’s ¬†Work?

    To get the best client base, these professionals need to work in areas and timeslots of demand. This is often during afternoon and evening hours. Weekend work is often a requirement as well. Those who work with a small client base may not offer long, weekend hours. Some will set their own schedules and will then book appoints only within those hours. However, this is often ideal for those with an established client base rather than those just starting out in the field. Many times, they will work based on appointments, but walk in clients can be an excellent way to build that customer base so many stylists work longer hours.

    There is no doubt that those who wish to work as a beauty therapist will have ample opportunities to do so. These professionals provide more than beauty service, though. They also provide information and a listening ear for those who wish to share their stories and concerns. Many times, they develop very strong and lasting relationships with their client base and this pays off in loyalty when the clients come back time and time again. It can be a very rewarding career to work in.

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