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    Before wondering what age children you want to teach, you need to focus on getting your education. The prospects for teaching in the next 10 years are excellent, so you will most likely be able to teach at whatever level you want. You will need at least a Bachelors degree in an appropriate subject. Mathematics and Science teachers will be in fierce demand, as will bi-lingual teachers, especially Spanish-English. A read more»

    Okay! You’ve sweated through college and got your B.A., or B.S. degree in Science, math, Social Studies, etc…. You’ve completed the training for Certification and passed the exam. So now, you can look forward to a lucrative career as a teacher….right? ( Click the box for the answer…. ) Wrong answer!….But thank you for playing…..If you are looking for a career that will pay you a lot of money…keep looking. read more»

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