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    Bookkeeping is an excellent career choice for individuals who seek job stability and a competitive wage. A bookkeeper’s primary responsibility is to manage business documents and transactions for an organization in a ledger and typically utilize accounting software like QuickBooks.

    Every business organization has important financial information that must be managed, such as balance sheets and cash-flow statements. A bookkeeper will keep track of these documents and any accounts payable, payroll and sales documents on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    Bookkeeping Training

    What Training is Required to Become a Bookkeeper

    A bookkeeper may be expected to manage several different record-keeping processes within an organization. The amount of training required for a particular bookkeeping position will vary depending on the company, but you can expect most hiring managers to look for some coursework to be completed. This may include:

    • Financial accounting courses
    • Bookkeeping certifications
    • Bookkeeping software classes

    Many of these programs can be found at your local community college, but there are also private organizations that offer comprehensive training. In some cases, the hiring organization may require you to have a four-year degree from an accredited university. If you aspire to move up into a management position, you may be required to take managerial accounting courses. Again, it depends on the company.

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    Bookkeeper Jobs

    What jobs are there in bookkeeping?

    Most experts agree that the demand for bookkeepers will not go down any time soon. As more businesses open their doors and existing bookkeepers move into different positions, this presents plenty of opportunities.

    There are a wide variety of positions available to bookkeeping professionals. Here are just a few:

    • Internal Auditors

    These individuals keep track of the financial transactions within an organization to make sure that finances are being managed according to regulations. Auditors may also be expected to look for any errors or inefficiencies within the financial records of the company.

    • Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable Clerk

    These two tasks are typically combined into a single position. Many companies will have outstanding invoices with both vendors and clients, and it is the job of the accounts department to ensure that these invoices are paid in a timely fashion.

    • Government accounting positions

    State and federal government organizations will always have a large amount of financial bookkeeping tasks to be overseen and a government accountant can be expected to ensure that the government agency is receiving and allocating finances in the correct manner.

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