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  • 6 Interesting Facts About Bookkeeper Jobs

    Facts About Bookkeeper JobsBookkeeping jobs are excellent for individuals with a talent for finance and numbers. There is a wide variation in available positions in this field and the nature of business ensures that that bookkeepers will always be in demand, so we have put together a short list of interesting facts about bookkeeping jobs for your convenience.

    1. Every business needs bookkeepers.

    There are several different business functions that a bookkeeper may manage and all of them are vital to a successful business. For example, you may be expected to issue payroll checks for a job with a small business or you might be responsible for supporting the accountants of a mid-level firm.

    With vital business responsibilities from managing invoices to auditing, bookkeepers ensure that the financial processes of a company are running accurately and efficiently.

    2. Bookkeepers earn a competitive salary.

    According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for bookkeeping professionals starts at over $30,000 per year and this is considerably higher then the average salary of university graduates. Also, entry-level bookkeepers and accountants enjoy a much higher level of job security than many other professions. If you are looking for a competitive wage, then a bookkeeping job is an excellent option for you.

    3. Bookkeepers perform a wide variety of tasks.

    If you are looking for a job where there is always something new to learn, bookkeeping may be a perfect fit for you. Bookkeepers are responsible for all kinds of financial tasks and some of this may include:

    • Bill payment
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Payroll services
    • Tax services
    • Tax audits
    • Ledger keeping
    • Accounts payable and receivable

    Your job function will depend on the type of bookkeeper job that you are hired for.

    4. Several successful business people started out as bookkeepers.

    As an essential function of any successful business, it is extremely important for managers, entrepreneurs and executives to have a good understanding of bookkeeping processes. Business tycoons like J.P. Morgan, Phil Knight and John D. Rockefeller all started out their careers as bookkeepers.

    5. Bookkeeping jobs give you a strong foundation for career advancement.

    Bookkeeping requires excellent analytical and management skills. Also, many companies prefer to promote from within and bookkeepers are in excellent positions for advancement due to their intimate understanding of the organizations finances. If you aspire to move up the corporate ladder into a management or executive position, then bookkeeping is an excellent place to begin.

    6. Bookkeeping jobs are excellent options for part-time employment.

    If you are considering a part-time job, then you may want to look into the many options that bookkeeping positions offer. They are especially convenient for individuals with family responsibilities or who attend University classes in the evening. According to, one out of every four bookkeepers is employed on a part-time basis.

    If you are mathematically inclined and have a talent for managing finances, a bookkeeper job may be exactly what you are looking for. Although some of these positions may require certifications or a college education, there are many that do not. Also, bookkeeping is one job that gives you the opportunity to learn while you are working. For more information about bookkeeper jobs, refer to our additional resources on this site.

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