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    A career as a cashier is much more than being responsible for the cash handling and transactions of a business. The job of a cashier is one where you’re the face of the company employing you. Three things that you absolutely must have to become a cashier are:

    1) Good interpersonal skills
    2) Honesty
    3) Excel in customer services

    The cashier could be described as doing two jobs in one. On the one hand, you’re dealing with the business transactions, but on the other hand, a cashier is also responsible for customer services.

    Any issues relating to purchases, are all issues addressed by the cashier. That can be processing refunds, issuing discount coupons, correcting wrongly priced items, identified by electronic bar code scanners and much more.

    Any task that arises where a customer requires assistance with their purchase, it’s the responsibility of the cashier to address those issues.

    It’s also worth noting that dependent on the type of job you apply for, an element of fitness may be required. For example, if you were work as a cashier in a retail store, then you may have to return items to the shelves, which can sometimes require some manual heavy lifting.

    Cashier Training

    What training do you need to become a cashier?

    Fortunately, to become a cashier there aren’t any specific training requirements. All the training will be provided on the job.

    The bulk of the training provided, will be to teach you how to use the equipment to do your job. That equipment will vary from one business to the next.

    Cashier equipment you could be using:

    • Electronic bar code scanners
    • Cash registers
    • POS systems
    • Debit/Credit card payment processing equipment

    The equipment will vary from company to company so the training will be different.

    That doesn’t mean that everyone is suitable to do the job. To become a cashier, you need to be able to show potential employers that you are the right candidate to do the job. Honesty and integrity are critical components companies look for in candidates, but more importantly… you must be customer orientated.

    Any prior work experience in a customer orientated role, will be beneficial for this line of work. So too will any formal training, such as an NVQ in customer services.

    Numeracy, accuracy, a basic understanding of computerised equipment, and customer services are all areas where you can focus your training towards. That will help you enter and excel in this field.

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    Cashier Jobs

    What do cashier jobs involve?

    One of the main advantages to the career of a cashier is the fact that there’s never going to be a shortage of jobs. Wherever there’s cash to be handled, there’s work to be found.

    The job expands across many industries too, so if there is a downturn in one sector, you can find your services more in demand in another.

    Retail is the industry where most jobs can be found, but there’s also hospitality companies, casinos and banks who will also need cashiers.

    Not all cashier jobs are advertised as that job title. There are times where employers will look to recruit a customer services representative, who will also be responsible for the cashier duties.

    Whenever there are different sectors requiring the same job role, you have the option to specialise. That could be that you focus your career within supermarkets, with a long term view of using internal promotions, moving up to head cashier, and then onto managerial work.

    Perhaps establishing yourself as a bank cashier, or want to experience the thrills of the casino by focusing on that sector.

    When you become a cashier, you’re essentially starting your career from within the company you start with. Many jobs start out entry level and the cashier job is one of those. You don’t need any qualifications to get started, gaining the experience, but you can use the job to start climbing the career ladder to a management position, if you like.

    It’s the cashier jobs that can start your career in the sector you’re interested in progressing within.

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