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    Those that enjoy food and sharing food for others may wish to become a chef. Working in this field can be a very rewarding experience. Knowing that you’ve satisfied individuals with the food you’ve prepared can be very exciting. However, those who plan to enter this field often face long hours and hard work. Nevertheless, well-qualified professionals with solid talent will do well and can expect to enjoy a long career in culinary arts.

    Those who work as chefs work in kitchens, restaurants and other establishments preparing food for others. They work as head cooks, chefs, or preparation chefs. Their job is to oversee the production of food in locations where food is served. As a head chef, individuals will manage the kitchen staff, providing menus, recipes and directly lower level cooking professionals. They handle all aspects of food related concern within the restaurant or other establishment.

    The job outlook for those who will work as chefs or head cooks, are about level. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States indicates a drop in the number of people working in this position by about one percent from 2010 through 2020. This implies little to no overall change in the field. However, the demand for higher quality chefs and gourmet providers is growing in trendy restaurants. Many also work as owners of establishments, which increases revenue options and diversification.

    Chef Training

    What Training Is Required to Become a Chef?

    To become a chef, individuals will need some basic skills. Some will learn them on the job. Those who start young, such as out of high school will learn from mentors or others in the restaurants they plan to work in. Many begin a sous chefs, or entry-level chefs, and learn and work to move up the ranks until they take over head cook or head chef positions.

    In other cases, individuals attend a culinary school for up to two years to earn a culinary degree. These certificate programs ensure the individuals is trained in the fine art of cooking by teaching everything from food safety of food preparation in various styles. Those who wish to progress into head chef, or management positions as a whole, may need management training as well as one to five years of training.

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    Chef Jobs

    What Types of Jobs Are in This Field?

    Individuals taking entry-level positions in this field will likely spend at least some time working in preparation services. The job here entails preparing foods, cleaning them and cutting them. Those who work as head chefs will work to create a menu, manage the delivery of the food products and the preparation by lower level chefs. Some individuals work in restaurants. Others work in hotels. Some work in hospitals, colleges, and even businesses that have cafeteria-like setups. Their jobs range widely from managing others to preparing new dishes to share with the world.

    Some also work as owners of restaurants. The job in this case is to develop a business plan, create an interesting menu that attracts guests and to monitor the overall execution of food preparation.

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