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    Discover How Much a Computer Engineer Earn'sIf you are investigating the possibility of becoming a computer engineer, it is natural to want to know how much you could earn. The amount each computer engineer earns will vary according to where they work, who they work for, and the type of role they are working in. However, even though these rates fluctuate across those factors, computer engineers earn a decent wage, and have plenty of opportunities to develop onto brighter earning prospects.

    The Average Computer Engineer Salary

    At the lower end of the computer engineer salary scale, a technical support engineer in the United States will earn around $63,000. On the upper end of the scale, a senior Java engineer will earn around $98,000. These figures are collected as an average from across the US, which means that those who work in different areas of the country may earn more or less. Earnings can also increase according to the range of experience you have, as well as the education you obtained before entering your job. If you are starting out as an entry level computer engineer upon completing your education, you earn on average $48.00 an hour.

    The Highest Paying Computer Engineer Prospects

    Those who want to reach for the stars and earn as much as possible should look towards the computer hardware engineer job market. According to the 2009 Bureau of Labour Statistics, it was not unusual for computer hardware engineers to easily reach $110,000. Data processing and hosting also proved to be lucrative, particularly for those who choose to begin working on a freelance or self-employed basis.

    Like any job, computer engineering pays more in certain areas of the country. The District of Columbia is said to be the best place for high earning computer engineer employment prospects, with the average salary coming in at $116,660. The states of Massachusetts ($114,440), California ($111,000), New York ($110,090), and Colorado ($108,480) also proved to be great places for computer engineers to earn as much as they could.

    Computer Engineer Freelance, Self-Employed, and Academic Earnings

    Those computer engineers who gain enough experience can move on to working on a freelance basis. Consultancy opportunities are open to those who have enough knowledge to provide advice to firms and developers, and can earn a computer engineer hundreds of dollars an hour.

    If you want to work on a freelance basis as a computer engineer, but you do not have enough experience to do so, you can enter into the profession on a self-employed basis. This is quite common for those who want to work on the programming side of things, but earnings will vary according to your reputation, client consistency, and the demand for self-employed programmers in your area.

    As with any other career that is trained at degree level, there are opportunities for computer engineers to progress onto the academic side of their field. Computer engineers who enter academia make around $60,000 at an associate level, but these earnings can rise when working as a fully-fledged professor in the field.

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