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    Courier SalaryWorking as a courier requires a lot of physical work. The hours can be long at some times of the year, especially during the holidays or during high volume periods such as product distribution. Many individuals will work a 40-hour work-week  some work longer. The amount that a courier earns depends on many things, including his or her experience and the field of service he or she is providing services for as an employee. Freelancers, who work independently from any other company, tend to make more because there are fewer fees. However, the work may not be as steady as other positions.

    Enter Level Positions

    Individuals who are new to the industry will often have limited if any experience. These individuals often have to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. They will need to work with the company’s training department to become able to do the job. Individuals may start working in this field for about $9 per hour. They can often work their way up to learning significantly more, but this depends on the industry as well. Those who work in medical or legal areas as enter level couriers earn slightly more due to the risk of exposure.

    Median Pay in the US

    In the United States, the median pay for a courier is $24,080 per year. This is the median pay rate for the year 2010 for in those working in this industry. However, some individuals may earn significantly more if they work in advanced career positions. This amounts to about $11.58 per hour. Most couriers do work full time, with some earning overtime in potentially busy times of the year. Many of those who work in this field have one to ten years of experience. Many will move up in the company within a few years if they have the ability to do so.

    Earning More

    It may be possible to earn more per hour in the field as a courier. To do so, individuals may need to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics or Business Management. This can help the individual to have the necessary skills to advance into management positions within the field. Supervisory roles can pay as much as $40,000 per year or more, depending on the type of work.

    Additionally, those who work as freelancers are likely to set their own rate of pay. However, many use bidding sites to contract work, others work through word of mouth advertising. Those who manage these services on their own, without working under a company may earn several hundred thousand dollars per year, in well-established markets and with a solid business setup.

    The rate of pay for couriers depends on experience. Since it is not a requirement to have any formal training prior to starting most positions, it is possible for individual’s to start out earning just above minimum wage. Over time, individuals can increase their pay by becoming experts in the field or by developing the ability to work in management positions. Pay increases depend on the company, the location, and the demand.

    Courier Salary Info

    Those starting out as employed couriers can expect to earn about $9 per hour

    The average pay for a courier is nearer $11.58 per hour ($24,000 per annum)

    Self employed couriers can potentially earn much more.

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