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    Customer Service Representatives are in high demand these days. Just about every company, from the largest Fortune 500 companies, to the smallest Mon and Pop operations, have to deal with customer service issues. A companies very success can depend on how well they perform Customer Service.

    A Customer Service Representative is the go-between of companies, and their customers. Their job is to find solutions to Customer Service issues such as billing, account questions, troubleshooting, and other customer concerns.

    Most of the time, customer service is handled over the phone, or internet, but sometimes, it can require direct face-to-face communication. The job location can be in a large office, working with several other people, or your own office.

    Many Customer Service Representatives work from home, via telephone, or on the internet, or both. This is known as telecommuting, and is becoming very popular as a workplace alternative. As of 2012, over 600,000 people work from home as Customer Service Representatives, and the demand is expected to grow by as much as 15% by 2020.

    To be a successful Customer Service Representative, it is absolutely vital that you possess good communication skills, a pleasant phone voice, and a lot of patience. You are the first contact a customer faces when they have a problem, so chances are, they are going to unload on you. You can’t take it personally. You have to be calm, reasonable, understanding, and be able to apply problem-solving skills to reach a solution that is acceptable to both the customer, and the company.

    You will need to be able to use most standard software, such as MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and more. You’ll need to be able to retrieve information rapidly, and have very good organizational skills. Each company will have its own needs and requirements for their Customer Service Representatives, but it is ultimately up to you to handle the job proficiently.

    Customer Services Training

    Do you need specific training to become a customer services representative?

    As a rule, the only education required for entry-level positions is a High School Diploma, or equivalent. However, in order to move up to administration levels, you will most likely need a 4-year degree in Business, or a related field at some point. Prior experience is helpful, but not a requirement. Most companies will give you a 4 to 6 week training program for you to learn the software, policies and techniques required to successfully perform the required duties.

    Customer Service Jobs

    What are the prospects like?

    Pay for Customer Service Representatives isn’t bad, especially if you get to work from home. The average Customer Service Representative can expect to make around $30,500.00, or around $14.00 per hour. Many just work part-time, so the financial opportunity has a lot of potential for someone who is a self-starter. Some make a lot more than the average.

    The demand for Customer Service Representatives is high enough to where it shouldn’t be hard to obtain a starting position. A lot of companies list their job openings in the classified sections of newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. There are many job-finding resources on the internet. You can also Free-lance (meaning you are an Independent Contractor) as a Customer Service Representative through companies like, and Simply sift through the possibilities, and select the ones that best meet your needs and desires.

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