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  • 6 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Customer Service Representatives

    6 Things You Probably Don't Know About Customer Service RepresentativesAll businesses depend on their Customer Service Representatives to set them apart from the competition. Customer Service can be the difference between a great company, and a sorry one. Needless to say, companies have a motivation to hire and train the best Customer Service Representatives they can.

    The Customer Service Representative can be likened to a Consumer Advocate for the company. It is their job to address customer issues and problems, and find solutions that work for both the customer, and the company. At times, this is a lot harder than it sounds. many people are angry, or confused, and they take it out on the Customer Service rep. And many times, customers themselves make it more difficult for the reps to help them by not having an idea of what they want to happen. This can make life somewhat trying for a Customer Service Representative.

    There are many things that people do not realize when contacting Customer Service. Here are 6 things that you should keep in mind when contacting a representative with a problem or question:

    1. They really do want to help you.

    They understand that you may be experiencing issues with one of their companies products, and that you may be frustrated and upset. But starting that call off on an offensive tone will not help the rep handle your issue any quicker, and might, in fact, slow down the process considerably. You should keep in mind that they are on your side. It’s their job.

    2. When you call, have an idea of what you would consider an acceptable solution to your issue.

    Of course, you have every right to complain if you’ve received a defective product, or bad service, but the process with go much smoother and quicker if you can tell the Customer Service representative what you would like done about the issue.

    3. Bear in mind that you are not the only caller they will have today.

    If you think you are worn out from dealing with this issue, just think what the Customer Service Representative feels like after dealing with an average of 85-100 calls per day, just like yours.

    4. It is much easier to come up with a solution when you have all of your pertinent information handy when you call.

    You may get frustrated because they keep asking you all these questions, but they need this information to be able to help you. If they have to look it up, it makes the process longer and more tedious. When you call, you should have things like your purchase receipt, warranty information, contracts, serial and model numbers, etc…all right there in front of you, so that when the rep asks you for the information, you’ll have it right there. This speeds up the process greatly.

    5. The Customer Service Representative is more likely to be able to find a solution to your problem than their supervisor will.

    Many people have the mistaken opinion that they need to speak to a supervisor, or manager, to get anything done. This could not be further from the truth.The rep can find a solution to your issue if you give them a chance. If you start out asking for a supervisor, then the process has to start all over again, and the supervisor will not be as familiar with your issue as the rep was.

    6. They really do know what they are doing.

    Business changes from week to week nowadays, and companies are always scrambling to stay on top of current customer behaviours  new technology, new laws, and new policies. Customer Service Representatives are constantly being trained to be able to respond to new situations. They are some of the most current, and up-to-date trained personnel the company has.

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