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How Much Do Customer Service Representatives Earn?

For consumers, Customer Service Representatives (called CSRs) are the face of the company they are dealing with. Customer Service representatives process sales, describe services and products, oversee billings and payments, explain policies and contracts, listen to customer issues, and try to find solutions. It can be a challenging job at times. CSRs have to remain patient, diplomatic, calm, and pleasant when dealing with sometimes angry and unreasonable customers. A CSRs behaviour reflects on the companies image, and can be either positive, or negative. A negative Customer Service reputation can bury a company, and a positive one can help a company remain successful.

CSRs usually only need a high school diploma, or equivalent, to be hired in an entry-level position. Prospective CSRs must demonstrate excellent communication skills, and will usually need some computer and phone skills as well. Most CSRs are trained on-the-job, and the training is constant. As CSRs gain more experience, they are given more demanding issues to resolve, and can eventually move into supervisory positions.

Where can you expect to receive the highest pay?

It used to be that your best opportunities for jobs and higher pay were in the more indutrialized and populous states like California, Texas, New York, and Illinios, but with the advent of the internet  and inexpensive online phone service, you can work virtually anywhere. Most businesses now contract their Customer Service responsibilities to Call Centers, which are run by independent companies. And, many Customer Service Representatives now work from home, called telecommuting. This has reduced the overhead for a lot of companies.

So the, what do customer services representatives earn?

The median annual income for CSRs for 2012 was $33,112.00, or an average of $15,92 per hour. On the high end, the pay was $50,800.00, or $24.42 per hour. On the low end, the pay was $19, 620.00, or $9.44 per hour, which is still not bad when you consider that most of these are part-time workers.

What factors can affect the salary of a customer services representative?

There are many things that effect the amount of money you can earn as a CSR. One of the biggest is the industry you work for. In the last few years, oil and gas companies have paid the highest wages, with airlines coming in a close second. Another factor that will affect your wages is your level of experience. As you gain more experience, you can earn more money. Other things to consider are that if you choose to work from home, you may make a smaller wage, but your expenses are also smaller, such as not having to burn gas to go to work, have special clothes, and you will have more time, because their will be no travel time between home and work. These factors can result in more usable money, even if the wages are smaller.

The demand for Customer Service Representatives is expected to increase by as much as 15% on average by 2020, according to the US Bureau of Labor. Most of this will be from business growth, and from employee attrition (people retiring, or moving to other careers, etc…). The pay is expected to increase accordingly, keeping well ahead of inflation.

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