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  • 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Electricians

    Electrician CareersAre you considering a career in electrical work? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that this is one of the most in- demand careers in the United States. In fact, by the year 2020, the demand for licensed electricians is anticipated to go up by almost 25%. Here are some more interesting facts that you may not have known about electricians.

    1. Electricians should be in good physical condition.

    On any given day, an electrician may need to climb, stoop, carry, push or pull in a variety of confined spaces. Some electricians are required to climb tall structures with equipment strapped to their body, and this requires a decent amount of strength.

    2. Electricians must have color vision.

    A little-known fact about the electrical profession is that color vision is essential. The only way to tell the difference between multiple types of wiring is to use a color-coded system. Without color vision, a person working with electrical wiring could make a fatal mistake!

    3. Electricians need to be master-troubleshooters.

    A large part of an electrician’s job might be preparing or diagnosing electrical problems. In many of these cases, the cause of the problem may not be readily apparent and this is one reason why electricians use so many diagnostic tools.

    4. Electricians should have managerial skills.

    In some cases, electrician may be required to manage other tradesmen or workers. These senior-level electricians might also create work schedules or conduct various administrative tasks. Without the proper management skills, an electrician in these positions can easily become overwhelmed.

    5. George Harrison, the lead guitarist of the Beatles, was an apprentice electrician.

    Before he became a rock and roll legend, George Harrison worked in Liverpool as an apprentice electrician. Harrison was obviously much better at the guitar then he was with wiring, because when he was asked about his experience in the career, he said, “I had a short go…but I kept blowing things up.”

    6. Electricians pay a crucial role in restoring old buildings.

    In order for older buildings to be compliant with modern fire regulations, part of the restoration process should include replacing old and faulty wiring. This is one specialization that can pay higher than the average wage for a skilled tradesman.

    Electricians work with many different types of wiring, circuits and tools. This is one reason why the training for an apprentice electrician can be up to four years long. These professionals must have extensive training in a wide variety of electrical concepts and work conditions.

    There are many factors that contribute to the increasing demand for licensed electricians. Population growth, for example, will require new office and living spaces to be built throughout the world and all of these buildings will require electrical work.

    If you’re considering a career in the electrical field, then you may want to contact your local electrician union. A simple Google search will reveal the contact details of a representative who can help you develop your plan of action. We have also provided additional articles on this site to help you learn more about the profession.

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