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    A fitness instructor is a professional who works with other individuals to encourage the client to improve his or her fitness. This may be done through a variety of exercise regimens and often includes goals for weight loss, muscle strengthening, or muscle toning. These educated professionals spend a great deal of time learning about the body, how to enhance the way it looks, as well as how it functions through various fitness routines.

    About Being a Fitness Instructor and the Career Prospects

    Being a fitness instructor often requires individuals to have ample experience in this field. Individuals have to be passionate about getting and staying fit, strong and in shape overall. These individuals will instruct and lead one or more people in various exercise regimens. This may include activities such as cardio exercises, stretching and strength training. Some work with a very specific group set while others work with people of all ages, even children.

    The fitness instructor’s job outlook is very good. In fact, those who work in this field are likely to see an increase in the demand for trainers in the coming years. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that growth in this industry will be faster than average over the period from 2010 through 2020. During that time, a 24 percent growth rate is possible. That will add about 60,400 jobs to the field during that time frame.

    Fitness Instructor Training

    Training Required to Become a Fitness Instructor

    To become a fitness instructor, individuals will need to obtain extensive training and education about the body and overall fitness. They will need to obtain a certificate that indicates that the individual is able to provide competent services. They also have to have training in CPR and for handling injuries that can occur. Though some will obtain a bachelor’s degree in physical fitness or a related science, this is not always necessary. Many obtain education in dietary trends and needs as well.

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    Fitness Instructor Jobs

    Jobs In The Fitness Instructor Field

    Those who work in this field have opportunities to work in various settings. This includes working as a personal fitness trainer. In this application, the individual will work with a single individual or a small group of people. The trainer leads the group in assessing the physical fitness needs of the group, setting goals and aiding in accomplishing those goals.

    Group fitness instructors often have larger classroom-like programs with a larger group of people. They will offer a wide range of services or a specific type of fitness. They often will create routines to aid individuals.

    Specialized fitness instructors will teach a specific type of exercise, such as yoga or Pilates. These professionals will need ample training in that specific area of physical fitness and will teach in a group setting.

    Fitness directors are those who manage a fitness club or a gym. They handle the business side of the process as well as working with clients.

    Fitness instructors often build their own client base. They also spend a great deal of time working with individuals to develop goals and then to meet those goals.

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