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Discover How Much a Fitness Instructor Can Earn

Fitness Instructor SalaryWorking as a fitness instructor can be a lucrative career. How much you will earn in this field depends on various factors, especially experience and the type of job you take on. Those who run their own businesses are likely to make more than those working in a traditional gym environment. Other factors can play a role in this type of decision as well. Before you decide whether to become a fitness trainer or instructor, consider the following wage information.

The Median Pay of a Fitness Instructor

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who work as a fitness instructor or trainer will learn a median pay of $31,090. This is a figure from May of 2010. That means that half of those who worked in this position earned less than this and the other half earned more than this per year. This rate only applies to those who worked in this industry as a trainer rather than a manager or a business owner in the field.

Those who earned the least in this field earned about $17,000 per year as the lowest 10 percent. The top 10 percent in this field earned more than $63,000 per year. There is a significant range of flexibility here.

Where Did They Work?

Those who work as fitness trainers and instructors will learn significantly more than those who work in personal care and services jobs, such as working as a basic instructor or working under others in this field. Instructors who have private clients tend to earn significantly more than those who work in this field as a gym trainer. Keep in mind that the highest paid positions here are those associated with the personal training field at the top gyms and facilities in the country.

How Many Hours Do They Work?

The number of hours worked by a fitness instructor will differ significantly. Many work on a client’s schedule, which means they may spend one to five hours per week with individual clients. Those who provide classes tend to provide these as one-hour sessions, but the instructor may perform several per day per week. In some cases, trainers will work 10 to 12 hour days meeting with individual clients. This may be done at a gym or fitness center or at a client’s home.

Most instructors in this field must find their own clients. They set their own rate of pay usually based on how much hours of service they will provide to the individual over a period of a week or a month. They can set their hourly rate based on availability, skill and the type of work that the trainer will provide to the client.

The amount you earn in this field will depend significantly on the type of work you do. It also depends on where you work. Some trainers spend just one day a week providing services. Others work second jobs. Still others manage their own facility and work significantly longer hours as a result.

Fitness Instructor Salary Details

Those starting out as a fitness instructor can expect to earn from $17,000 upwards per annum.

The top 1-% of fitness instructors earn in the region of $63k per year.

There may be opportunities to earn more for those who have more experience or are self employed and own their own gym.

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