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If you are a creative individual with a talent for visual presentations and looking for a new career, then graphic design may be the path for you. Graphic designers play an important role in marketing and advertising for a wide variety of industries.

The graphic designer may be responsible for typesetting, web design, drawing, multi-media production and much more. These professionals are required to solve problems in visual communication mediums and must be well versed in multiple methods of media production. A graphic designer may also need to have experience with design software such as Photoshop or InDesign and a web designer may need to understand HTML and other markup languages.

Graphic Design Training

What options are available?

Graphic designers obtain training from several different resources. In fact, some graphic designers manage to land entry-level positions with only a few design classes from a community college under their belt.

In other cases, a graphic designer will have had specific coursework from a four-year university. These individuals may have a BA, BFA, MFA or even PhD in graphic design. Some graphic designers choose to stay in the world of academia and teach the next generation of creative professionals.

Graphic design training varies with each individual program; however, you can expect to learn about the following subjects:

• Art History
• Book Design
• Advertising
• Illustration
• Web Page Layout
• Typography
• Design Software

There are a number of free courses in graphic design available online from several resources. For example, many accredited universities offer free classes that you can register for online. For some entry-level graphic design positions, these classes may be all you need to start out.

The following is a list of graphic design software classes that you may choose to investigate:

• AutoCad
• CorelDraw
• Fireworks
• Illustrator
• Macromedia Flash
• Photoshop
• Publisher
• Quark

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Graphic Design Jobs

Jobs and Opportunities in Graphic Design

According to, the average salary of graphic designers was over $43,000 per year in May of 2010. Experts predict that the employment of graphic designers will increase by around 13% from 2010 to 2020, which is in line with the average for most jobs.

Graphic designers may work in publishing, advertising, direct response marketing, web design and corporate branding. All of these industries utilize the creativity of graphic designers to produce compelling sales collateral and products.

In some cases, graphic designers will move up into director and producer positions within an organization. Other graphic designers choose to teach at colleges and universities. If you are an individual who values your autonomy then you may even consider branching out on your own and providing graphic design services on a freelance basis.

Graphic design jobs provide an excellent work environment for creative individuals. If you are interested in a graphic design job then you should consider taking a class or two at your local community college. If you have a family or work obligations in the daytime, then evening classes may be a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about this creative field. In increase in demand for designers will likely ensure that you have a higher degree of job security than other many other careers.

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