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    There has never been a better time to think about becoming a hairdresser. According to the US Bureau of Labor, the demand for Cosmotolgy-related services will increase 14% every year up to 2020. Currently, there are over 350,000 people working as hairdressers in the US.

    Hairdressing is part of the field known as Cosmotology. This includes services such as hair-styling, coloring, make-up advice, manicures, and much more. Hairdressers are employed by salons, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, corperations, Movie and Theater companies in Hollywood, New York, and Broadway, TV stations, hospitals, and many more positions. Hairdressers can also work for themselves, and start their own companies. The possibilities are limitless.

    What Are The Advantages of Becoming a Hairdresser?

    There are lots of advantages to being a hairdresser:
    • You get to interact with all kinds of people throughout the day. In fact, part of being a good costomtologist is being a good ‘people-person’.
    • Few other jobs offer more flexability. You can work full-time, part-time, or by appointment-only. You can work in any of the places mentioned in the paragraph above, work from your home, or even your car, and offer on-site services.
    • You can offer a variety of services, such as specializing in facials, manicures, nail care, specific hair-styles, make up and make-over consultations, and more.

    Some of the down-sides may be:
    • Interacting with all kinds of people everyday. If you are not into people, this can be very taxing. All of your clients are not going to be easy, and some will be downright demanding.
    • Responsibility-Your clients regard you as an expert, and depend on you to make them look better…not worse. Accidents and Mishaps will not easily be over-looked by your customers.
    • Physical strain-Cosmnotology demands at times that you move around, bend and lift things. This can lead to problems with joints, muscles, and your back. It also frequently involves many hours of being on your feet.
    • There are lots of hairdressers out there, all competeing for the same business. They may do aggressivie, and unethical things to get business, at times. You may have to develop a tough skin.
    • The pay is not the greatest, on average, but the good news is that it is usually steady. Hairdressers are seldom layed-off.

    What Kind Of Pay Can I Expect?

    The national average pay for hairdressers is around $12.72 per hour, or around $26,500.00 per year. In some areas you can make a lot more, especially if you develop a reputation. A hairdresser in Hollywood, that caters to the rich and famous, will obviously make considerably more than a manicurist in Cut and Shoot, Tx. A Hairdresser in New York will most like make a lot more than one in Beaverdale, Ga.

    How Do I Become a Hairdresser?

    Entering into the field of cosmotology requires some education, starting with a High School diploma, or equivalent. Most, if not all, states require that you complete a study program in an approved cosmotolgy school, or obtain at least an Associate Degree in Cosmotology at a Community College, or other approved school. Some of the things you’ll have to study are chemistry, biology, some anatomy, trichology, pathology, pharmacology, and basic techniques used in hair-styling, nail care, make-up applications, use of equipment, professional and business ethics, state laws, and more.

    Once you have completed the school, you will have to apply for a license in the state you plan to work in. This licensing procedure can involve things like fingerprinting, a background check, credit checks, etc…It varies from state to state. Once this part is done, you will have to take a National Accreditation test, then pay a license fee. Once all of that is done, you can go out and look for work.

    A career in cosmotolgy can be very rewarding, both financially, and personally. If this sounds like something that you would like, there no better time to explore it than the present.

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