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How Much Does A Hairdresser Earn?

Hairdresser SalaryMost of us are familiar with our local hairdressers. They usually work in a salon, are part of a two-income family-unit, and seem to make average incomes, or less. So it may make you wonder why anyone would go to the trouble and expense of paying for a license to get a job that doesn’t pay much more than working at a convenience store. But appearances can be deceiving. The truth is, a hairdresser has the freedom to create whatever income they want, with reason. There are all kinds of people in cosmetology. Some are self-starters who will go places, and some are just place-holders, who allow others to make most of their career decisions for them.

What is the median wage for a hairdresser in the US?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, for 2011 cosmetologists earned an median wage of $12.82 per hour. That means half of all hairdressers earned more than that, and half earned less. Bear in mind, these figures reflect the fact that many hairdressers only work part-time. The wage is expected to increase to around $19.00 per hour by 2020, if current trends continue. That’s not bad pay, especially for a profession that allows so much freedom of work situation, location and financial incentive.

Hairdressers that are content to just work in a local small salon, part-time, or in very small cities, are not going to be rolling in money. The industry, as a whole, is guilty of several mistakes that are keeping wages down. One problem is that a lot of hairdressers get too wrapped up in exotic hairstyles and products that the average person is not going to want. The emphasis is all on glitter, hype, and advante-guarde hairstyles. This is great if you will be working in Hollywood, New York City, etc…, but most average people simply want a good- looking cut that will be easy (and relatively inexpensive) to maintain between salon visits.

The industry, as a whole, has been ignoring the average customer, which should be it’s ‘bread-and-butter’. Also, most hairstylists do not take the time to attend seminars and other educational opportunities.

Hairdressing careers offer not only reward by way of remuneration

A career in cosmetology has a lot to offer, but you have to take advantage of it. Remember, the higher the possible earnings, the more competition there will be for those spots. In order to reach the top of the ladder, you will have to set yourself apart from the masses. There are several ways to do this:

Create a demand. Get references, and develop an exclusive clientele.

Invest in yourself by developing additional skill that will set you apart from the competition. Develop your communication and people skills as much as possible.

Don’t stop learning. This is a major mistake that a lot of hairdressers make once they become licensed. There is a saying that I have found to be true in most cases, “The more you learn, the more your earn”. This not only will allow you to earn more per hour, but opportunities will present themselves that would not have been possible otherwise. Anything you can do to set yourself apart from your competition will increase your income.

Save your money, and by that, I don’ t mean just sticking it in the bank. You work hard for your money, so why not make your money work hard for you? Look into investing, interest investments, and high-yield accounts. Take some Business and Finance Management courses. Invest some of your money back into your career.

Stay out of debt. I can’t stress this one enough. This is the #1 cause of both personal, and business failures (right now, our government is not doing so good in this area, either….). Be careful how you spend your money. And put those credit cards away. Only use them for genuine emergencies. Don’t borrow any money if there is any possible way to avoid it. Pay your debt down, and off as soon as you can.

Learn to work smarter, not harder. Always look for easier and better ways to do things.

• And lastly, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Make yourself some YouTube commercials. Get on Facebook and Twitter. Let the world know what you are doing.

Using these suggestion will help put you at the top of the financial food chain, as a hairdresser. It’s all up to you.

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