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    An IT professional, also known as an Information Technology Specialist or professional is an individual who works to provide advice and support to people as well as to entire companies on the use of computer hardware, software, or equipment. The goal of this person is to handle problems, offer advice and even to manage the day to day processes involved in operating a business when it comes to IT elements of that organization. In an world that is computer-based, these individuals are not only in demand but they are often well-paid to provide the services they do.

    About IT Professionals and Prospects

    The IT professional will work in a variety of settings providing ample support to a company in the area of managing computer systems. They may also work as support information technology employees or as technical support specialists. Some work as help desk providers. Many others provide onsite aid in the establishment as well as the management of a company’s IT components. Their job will include tasks that range from meeting specific demands to ensuring security is in place.

    In terms of growth, working as an IT professional is likely to be a solid career path. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that this field will see continued growth in the future. From the period of 2010 through 2020, the demand for individuals in this field will increase at about 18 percent. That is about as fast as average. This will mean an increase of about 110,000 jobs over that time period in this area.

    IT Training

    What Training is Required of IT Professionals?

    In most situations, individuals will need technical knowledge. The amount of education will range depending on the job tasks and skills required. Most will spend some time learning the basis through a vocational program, work study program or through an associate’s level education. Others will attend a four -year college to obtain a degree in the field. This varies based on the specific goals of the individual and the specific field he or she will enter into in the future.

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    IT Jobs

    Jobs In IT and What’s Involved

    Jobs for those who are IT specialists will range significantly. The most common positions are technical support specialists who work to test and evaluate existing network systems, perform regular maintenance on such systems and troubleshoot problems occurring within the network. The second option is a health desk technician. These individuals will listen to customers who are having complications or difficulties and then offer problem solving techniques. Their job is dependent on the specific field they are in.

    Jobs in IT will range significantly based on the company’s current structure and needs. Many will receive on the job training as well. Most who work in this field will enjoy working with computers and have a great deal of experience as a computer science major. However, even entry level positions are available in this field for those who are interested in getting started. IT is an ever growing and changing field with plenty of opportunities and challenges that can require continuous education.

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