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    A beauty therapist job is one that includes providing personal appearance help to individuals who wish to improve the way they look. Though some individuals are calling this position a therapist position, it can imply one or more types of jobs in this field. Depending on the specific licenses obtained by the individual, it may be possible to work in one or more types of positions in t his field. However, most states have very specific licenses that are a requirement for anyone who wishes to work in the field.

    Basic Duties of Beauty Therapist Jobs

    Those who work as a hairdresser or a barber have the job of providing aid to clients who wish to have their hair, face, or scalp treated. This includes inspecting the area, offering suggestions for treatment or improvement, washing, coloring and conditioning the hair as well as cutting and trimming it. Some will also provide additional services including more advanced, chemical-based solutions.

    Which Beauty Therapist Jobs Are Right for You?

    A beauty therapist job may be any of the following. Depending on the specific qualifications you have, you may be able to work in any one of these fields.

    Barbers often work for men. They provide trimming, shampooing and hair styling for their clients. These individuals often offer help for hair pieces, though they do not offer hair transplant procedures. All barbers are also licensed to handle bleaching, coloring, highlights and other types of chemical-based treatments. Some also are given training in shaving.

    Hairdressers, who are also known as hairstylists, work to provide a range of services. They offer services to men and women, as well as children. This includes shampooing, cutting, styling, and coloring. It may also include providing services such as hair treatments, conditioning and other chemical-based procedures. Hairstylists also help with weaves.

    Cosmetologists may provide additional services on top of providing hairstyling services. These individuals may offer scalp treatment, facial treatments, makeup use as well as other types of skin care treatments.

    Estheticians are another type of beauty therapist that falls under this area. These professionals provide skin care treatments and care, though they do not always offer specific hairstyling treatments. These individuals do offer hair removal services, often just as waxing. They often specialize in providing makeup care to those who wish to receive it. Estheticians are also required to hold a license to provide their services, though the coursework is not the same as that of cosmetologists specifically.

    For those who wish to work in any of these beauty therapist jobs, the first step is to obtain the proper education. From that point, it is very important for individuals to work to obtain the necessary hours of practical or clinical work before they can obtain their license. At that point, many people will move on to working in salons or other beauty facilities. Some also open their own businesses and work to provide managerial or teaching services to others. For those that enjoy providing personalized attention for customers, this may be the ideal career path.

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