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    Bookkeeping is an essential element of any business organization and there is always a demand for qualified professionals in this field. If you are interested in working as a bookkeeper / bookkeeper jobs, you may find yourself interviewing with government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and a wide variety of small businesses.

    Bookkeeping professionals generally have an aptitude for organization, mathematics, finance and computer software. To learn more about bookkeeper jobs that you may be interested in applying for, please read on.

    Types of Bookkeeper Jobs

    Your specific job functions as a bookkeeper will largely depend on the organization that you are hired on to. An auditing clerk, for example, may perform different functions for a large corporate accounting firm than they would for a mid-sized tech company. Despite this, you can expect some similarity in most bookkeeping positions. Consider the following types:

    Auditing Clerk

    An auditing clerk will be responsible for tracking accounts payable and receivable and managing profit and loss statements. These individuals also ensure that the company maintains compliance with current industry standards and legal procedures.

    Accounting Clerk

    An accounting clerk is an assistant to the bookkeeper or accountant for an organization. This individual will typically provide administrative support, but they may be expected to take on more responsibilities as time goes on.

    Accounts Payable and Receivable Clerk

    These professionals manage the finances that come in and out of a business. Any business organization will have accounts with vendors and customers that need to be managed and a bookkeeper in this position must maintain a watchful eye on cash flow, billing and invoicing.

    Payroll Clerk

    A bookkeeping professional may be hired to manage the payroll department or responsibilities of a business. The person in this position issues payments to employees and may also manage company expense accounts and auditing responsibilities.


    Some organizations may require you to attain a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) designation for your bookkeeping position. In order to become a CPA, you will need a four-year degree and 150 hours of accounting work. You will also need to sit for and pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam. CPA professionals generally make a higher salary and may also go into business for themselves.

    The average salary for bookkeeping professionals is $30,560, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Professionals who choose to move into management roles within organizations can expect to make a considerably higher salary. However, they may be expected to take managerial finance courses or attain a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from an accredited university.

    Bookkeeping jobs are essential to every business in every industry. From auditing clerks and accountants to payroll clerks and even bill collectors, these professionals ensure that the vital financial functions of an organization are running smoothly and efficiently. If you have a talent for managing finances in your private life and are looking for a career with stability and plenty of advancement opportunities, then a bookkeeping position may be exactly what you are looking for.



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