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    Chef jobs are often thought of as being as simple as making food and creating menus. However, there are various types of jobs that fall under this category and many of them provide for different types of specialties. For those who are consider entering this field, it is important to consider your specific goals as well as any limitations on your current training and experience. Most individuals who work as head cooks and chefs will work their way through all of these positions at one time or another.

    Job Duties of Head Chefs

    As a head chef, the job duties will be numerous. These individuals will work to supervise and coordinate activities of the cooks and other workers in the kitchen in preparing meals. The job is to determine which foods to prepare, how to present them and how to manage the overall safety of food preparation. Creating menus and ensuring uniform serving sizes are presented to guests is also important. Additionally, as a head chef, the job also entails training and supervising others in the kitchen, ensuring the kitchen is clean and that the workers are maintaining all food safety guidelines.

    Types of Chefs and Head Cooks

    Those who have a destination of chef may work in more than just the typical restaurant setting. Depending on the type of job they have, many of these cooks work in various industries in the field. This may include any of the following.

    Working as an Executive Chef, Head Cook or Chefs de Cuisine

    These titles are all about the same in terms of what the job duties of these individuals will be. The primary job of these individuals is to oversee the operation of the entire kitchen, not just preparing meals. They work through secondary chefs, called sous chefs to ensure foods make it to guests properly.

    Sous Chef Jobs

    Those who work as sous chefs are often the secondary chef in the kitchen. Rather than being in a head management-style position, they work as the cook to the restaurant. Most do all sorts of meal preparation tasks and they ensure the delivery of the food to the customer. They report to the head chef of the facility. Sous chefs are often in charge of the kitchen environment when the head chef is not present.

    Personal Chef Jobs

    Stepping out from behind the restaurant setup, those who work as personal chefs prepare foods in private homes. They often create menus for the home, shop for the foods and supplies necessary, prepare meals for the family and then handle the clean-up of the process as well. Many of these individuals are self-employed.

    Private Household Chefs

    Another option is a private household chef who typically works full time for just one person, unlike personal chefs who may work for several households.

    When considering chef jobs, each one of these options could be an ideal choice, but it is often very important to consider qualifications and experience as these are two factors that play the biggest role in whether or not you will do well in this career area.

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