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    As one of the few professions that are experiencing a rising demand for employees, computer engineering offers a great deal of variety in terms of job prospects. While all of them revolve around the basic aspects of computer science, they do vary in nature. From software programming, to systems engineers, each of these professions offers great employment prospects, with excellent pay.

    Software Programmer/Developer

    A software programmer will be involved in every aspect of the software development process. This begins with researching the software that is to be made, before moving on to designing it. Once the designs have been created, the software then needs to be developed and implemented. The programmer is then responsible for testing the software, and working towards any modifications that are required. Software programmers can work on a freelance basis, or within a company where they work as part of a team. Software programmers and developers also have the opportunity to work in the video game development industry.

    Systems Engineering

    Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary computer engineering field. It focuses on the broader and more complex aspects of computer engineering, and each project tends to have a much longer life cycle than those involved in fields like software programming. A systems engineer will help to design and maintain a computer system over its life cycle. This process involves designing, assessing, and testing. To become a systems engineer, you should have a highly analytical brain, and should be prepared to focus on issues like the reliability of a system. Systems engineers are expected to engage in further development on a regular basis, and should stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and changes.

    Computer Engineers Working in Network Security

    In an age when computers are threatened by viruses, Trojans, and other individuals wishing to obtain information and disrupt processes, there is a high demand for specialists who focus on network security and cryptography. Those who work in these fields have often been to graduate school, but this does not always have to be the case. Those working in this field must protect data as it moves between different systems, and have a responsibility for ensuring it remains encrypted, particularly when moving across wireless networks.

    Computer Engineer Job Availability

    Unlike many workers, computer engineers are in demand. As our society becomes increasingly reliant on computers for a multitude of purposes, there is a need for computer engineers to ensure they are continuously developed. Engineers are also needed to maintaining computers, programming software, and keeping networks protected. Some specialities have a higher demand than others, but this is something that can change over time.

    Computer engineers work within the public and private sector. Those who work in the private sector may work for a company that is directly concerned with computer science, or they may work on the behalf of another company maintaining their systems and networks. There are great self-employed prospects, and those who are quite advanced in their field can expect to command great pay rates as programmers, and academics.

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