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    Courier jobs are often very straightforward positions. The individual often works for a courier company that manages the shipping of customers, including both individuals and businesses. The courier’s job is to pick up packages or documents from one location and to deliver them to another location. This job often entails driving from one location to the next. In many cases, the physical job is the most challenging. Individuals who work as couriers have to lift packages and place them into the vehicle and back into place at the destination location.


    One type of courier job is that of a messenger. Unlike other positions in this field, those who work in this particular industry have the job of delivering messages from one person to the next. These may be personal messages, but most commonly it is contracts or other legal documentation that requires a formal, in-person delivery. It may also require signatures of those who are involved.

    Medical Courier Jobs

    One of the fields in which some individuals work as couriers is in medical aspects. These individuals will pickup medical specimens from doctors, screening clients and hospitals and deliver them to labs for testing. This particular type of job requires following OSHA standards and maintaining a change of command throughout the process. Individuals in this field need to carefully monitor the process to ensure any type of specimen is not damaged en-route. This may mean managing temperature, too.

    Package Courier Jobs

    The most common type of courier jobs are those in package pickup and delivery. Individuals that work in this field work for both individuals and businesses. Companies or agencies that manage a large delivery service hire some. Others offer independent services by working alone. Additionally, some also work in warehouses, in airlines and other services that manage the delivery of packages from one destination to another.

    Legal Courier Jobs

    Another type of courier is the legal courier. His or her job is about the same as others, in that the goal is to deliver legal documentation from one source to the other. However, many who work in this field will work in lawyer offices, with the government agencies or with outside agencies that negotiate contracts for numerous people. The job here is often to transfer documents from one location to the next. Some may be time sensitive. Others may be very delicate topics that need careful protection from those who would otherwise access the information.

    Freelance Services

    Some individuals who work as couriers manage their own businesses. They may provide in-house services to large companies, hospitals or even for government agencies. Others work with the public. These services may provide more hands-on service for odd sized items or those items that would not normally be handled by a traditional courier company. In this case, individuals work on their own. They find and bid on jobs. They arrive at the location, pick up the item, secure it on their flatbed or other vehicle, and then take it to the destination. These services often require the delivery of the item i good condition and on time.


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