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    Working as a fitness instructor or trainer can be an exciting opportunity for those who enjoy being physically fit and helping others to achieve their personal goals. It is not always an easy job since the success of another person is often dependent on the motivation given from the trainer. However, there are various types of fitness instructor jobs that individuals can take on. Each of these fitness instructor jobs provides an opportunity to lead others to get healthy through proven methods.

    Basic Fitness Instructor Jobs

    As the name implies, those working as a fitness instructor will spend most of their time instructing clients on how to achieve fitness goals. They will do this by demonstrating how to do various exercises and exercise regimens that fit the goals and requirements of the individual. They will work with one or more individuals to assess the individual’s need and then offer recommendations for improvement. Most often, they will manage the improvement of the client’s needs by measuring success, making changes to adapt programs to the individual’s needs and providing a level of support. They also need to be able to provide emergency first aid in the event that it is needed.

    What Fields Are There?

    There are numerous specialized fitness instructor or trainer positions available to those who wish to work in this industry. Some of those include the following.

    Personal fitness trainers work with just one client or sometimes a small group of people. They often visit the client’s home though some will meet at gyms and recreational facilities to provide this service. They assess the client’s specific needs, develop fitness routines to achieve those goals and then instruct the individual on how to achieve these goals.

    Group fitness instructors do much of the same thing, but often on a bigger scale with a larger group. They may offer less personalized service in a larger group setting than a personal trainer will provide. They often provide specific types of services, such as classes on muscle conditioning or stretching programs. Others offer comprehensive programs designed to meet most people’s needs.

    Specialized fitness instructors offer services that are more specialized in a very specific area of instruction. They may work with weight training only perhaps to help individuals to reach goals to compete. More commonly, they provide yoga classes, spinning classes, aerobics, or Pilates. Their specialized service often means they have advanced skills in these areas.

    Fitness directors are another type of position in this field. Here, the individual will maintain a gym or will work in a type of health club as the person who is in charge of it. Aside from managing the needs of individual clients, which some do, most handle the business side of the process by handling training session scheduling and payment for services.

    Fitness instructor jobs range widely in terms of what they can provide. Some work in gyms while others work in very private settings. Some offer specialized services while others work with a dozen or more clients providing service to the group.

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