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    For some people, it is extremely important to have a job where they are creatively stimulated and constantly working on something exiting and new. For these individuals, graphic design offers a wide variety of opportunities in several different industries. Graphic designers play a key role in developing marketing materials and other visual media for companies. If you’re considering a graphic designer job, then please read on.

    Web Layout and Design

    Over the past 10 years, the world of web design has experienced a large demand for creative individuals. With so many industries moving their storefronts to the Internet, it is becoming increasingly important to apply contemporary design concepts to their websites to ensure that sales goals and marketing plans are successful.

    Web designers typically have an advanced level of skill with design software like Photoshop and InDesign. You will also need to have a basic understanding of the technical aspects of web development, such as HTML and CSS if you want to be a web designer.

    Web designers play an important role in helping companies market themselves properly online. This is because everything from fonts to image choices will have a direct impact on sales and branding for businesses.

    Web designers are typically employed by small to mid-level sized organizations. Large ad agencies will also have a number of web designers on staff. On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneurial sort of person, you can make a good living providing web design for small businesses on a freelance basis, but you must understand how to market yourself.

    Art/Creative Directors

    These individuals have a good understanding of graphic design but will also understand how to interact with clients. Most creative directors started out as entry-level designers, copywriters and account executives. The overall direction of a creative campaign is often dependent on the creative director’s vision.

    Industrial/Packaging Designers

    This is an area of graphic design that many people do not consider. Package designers help create the containers for everything from shampoo bottles to soft drink labels. If you’re considering this direction of graphic design, then you will need a background in 3-D modeling and advertising. Many packaging designers land their jobs after becoming familiar with design software and interviewing with a small to mid-sized industrial business.

    Print Design

    Every day newsstands and bookstores are filled with new publications. All of these publications—from newspapers to trade magazines—require a graphic designer to layout the print. If you are interested in a position with a print publication, then you should have a background in advertising and production layout.

    Although many print publications are making the transition to the Internet, there are still plenty of opportunities for talented graphic designers.

    Corporate Marketing Departments

    Corporations spend billions of dollars every year on marketing for their products and services. Some of these companies prefer to keep their graphic designers in-house rather than outsourcing to an ad agency. If you are interested in a position with the art department of a large corporation, then you can expect to design anything from training materials and promotional displays to critical elements of large-scale advertising campaigns.

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