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    As healthcare is so varied and always changing, nurses often find that there are many working environments available to them. Although many people think of nurses as being mainly in hospital environments, there are many places they can work. Where you work will depend on your preferences, experience, and the training you have received.

    Nurse Jobs in a Hospital

    Go into any hospital and you will find that there are a variety of wards. Each ward will be different due to the patients that are there, and the conditions they have been admitted with. This means that nurses working in a hospital have the potential to work in various environments, and as such they can choose a specialism that helps them work in a ward they love.

    For example, a pediatric ward will inevitably be different than the intensive care unit. Nurses who want to work somewhere that is fast paced can choose the emergency room or labour and delivery, and those who want something more routine can choose oncology. Many nurses find that they fall in love with a particular ward when they are training, and choose their ward accordingly.

    Nursing Jobs in the Community

    Nurses working in the community may be attached to a family doctor’s practice providing routine care, or they could be addressing the needs of a patient in their home. Take diabetes nurses for example: they may visit a patient in their home periodically to review their progress with their condition, and as such they will be supporting them in their role. Some community nurses also have the opportunity to work in schools, universities, and colleges. A community nurse spends a lot of time helping patients to engage in self-led care, and will also be helping those they treat by educating them.

    Alternative Working Environments as a Nurse

    Nurses are not always restricted to the community or hospital as far as their working environments are concerned. Many choose to work in alternative environments, which are just as rewarding and interesting.

    Nurses with a particularly strong focus on geriatric care can choose to work in care or residential homes. The responsibility in these settings can vary between providing occasional care to residents who are relatively healthy, to giving routine care to those who need full support in their later years.

    Some nurses also choose to work in the army. Providing care to troops overseas and at home can be exhilarating and challenging, as well as very rewarding. This is a role best suited to those who are okay with change.

    Nurses who want to help others in underprivileged areas can choose to work for charities like Doctors Without Borders. Nurses in a humanitarian setting often receive very little pay, but are able to provide care to those who desperately need it. This is a challenging role for a nurse, but is also one of the most rewarding.

    No matter where you choose to work as a nurse, your work will leave you with a great sense of satisfaction.

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