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    If you want to become an office clerk, you will be making a career decision that could see you working in many different environments. Almost every business or workplace needs somebody to fill an organizational office clerk role, which means you could be working in any number of places. This is great for those who like variety, and it also means that working as an office clerk is the perfect way to work in an environment that really interests you.

    Office Clerk Jobs – Working as a General Office Clerk

    The majority of people who choose to work in office clerk jobs begin their career as a general clerk. This role will involve basic communications tasks, like faxing, calling, and emailing. As a general office clerk, you can also expect to be the person who communicates with clients and customers on a regular basis. This means you will need to have good people and customer service skills.

    A general office clerk can also expect to support more senior members of the workplace in this role. For example, those who work in human resource management will use the skills of an office clerk in order to make sure their roles can be carried out as efficiently as possible. You should also expect to spend time filing and organising.

    Working as an office clerk in a specialized area

    There are some workplaces that require the services of an office clerk, but with specialist training or interests. Most commonly, medical and legal environments require an office clerk who has experience with specialist tasks. For example, a medical office clerk will know how to carry out medical coding, and can also do medical transcription. The same applies to legal environments; you will need to carry out legal transcription, and you may even need a background in law. There are so many office clerking environments that it is hard to list all of them comprehensively.

    Office Clerk Promotions and Progression

    Like many jobs, the office clerk role has potential for you to progress onto more challenging avenues. Search through any job-listing site and you will find that there are varying grades of office clerk roles available. Some employers will require you to have so many years’ experience before you can move onto their company, as the job they are offering is more complex.

    As many industries develop, and businesses grow, it becomes necessary to take on further training so that you can move into an office managerial role. This will allow you to oversee others who work as office clerks, putting you in a position of further responsibility.

    Working as an office clerk on a freelance or temporary basis

    Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to work as a remote office clerk on a freelance basis. Such positions are often described as being a ‘virtual assistant’. This involves performing the tasks that an office clerk would perform, but from the comfort of your own home. It is usually the case that you would need experience or formal qualifications before you can start working as a virtual assistant.

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