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    Plumber jobs are in demand and there is somewhat of a shortage of workers in this field. Those who work as plumbers will find that their job will always be necessary and as such, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to find jobs and earn a sizable income. However, many will want to consider specialization in these fields. The average plumber may do far more than what most people expect, especially in one of these specialized fields of plumbing.

    Basic Plumbing Duties of Plumber Jobs

    Those who work as plumbers or as pipefitters, steamfitters or other specialized fields in this area mainly focus their job skills on the tasks such as installing pipes and fixtures. Though water may be the most common material, plumbers also work with air, waste, and gasses in some situations. Plumbers must read and understand blueprints, know state and local codes, determine the best resolution for problems that arise and know how to select and install equipment. They work in residential and commercial applications. Most will also repair systems that are not working properly by first determining what the underlying problem may be and then finding the best solution for the job.


    Those who work as plumbers mostly handle water, gas, and drainage in both homes and businesses. They will handle the installation as well as repair needs of these systems, including those that supply water into the building and smaller ones that carry water to appliances. They handle the installation of piping and fixtures. They also manage drains and septic systems in residential and commercial applications.


    Another classification of plumbers is the pipefitter. These individuals will help to install and maintain pipes that carry specific products in them, including gases, chemicals, or even harmful acids. These individuals mostly work in commercial settings as well as in industrial and manufacturing buildings. They install and repair these systems to carry products to and from necessary sources. Others work to provide heating and cooling help to larger buildings, including the installation and maintenance of these systems.

    There are also special types of pipefitters. These individuals specialize their services based on the types of material they help to move. Those that work as gasfitters, for example, often focus on their tasks on the installation of oxygen to hospital rooms and to patients. Those that work as steamfitters often work in areas where moving steam under high pressure is necessary, such as in natural gas power plants or in factors that use these types of systems. Sprinkler fitters are another type. These professionals help to install and repair fire sprinkler systems within buildings.

    In all of these plumber jobs, the type of task done is dependent on the individual’s expertise. There is no doubt that having this type of training and on the job experience, is very important in these specialized fields. The good news is that many people will find these career paths to be the ideal way to improve create a solid career for themselves not just now but for years to come since these types of jobs will always be in demand.

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