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Working in a receptionist career can be an outstanding opportunity for those who are people-oriented and organized. They will work within companies providing important services to those who need them, such as business professionals, doctors and hotels. These careers are often very important to the function of the business. Since the individual is the first line of connection between the customer or client and the business or executive, this individual needs to be timely, pleasant, and able to impress those who request help or service from the company. It is not an easy job, but it offers plenty of opportunities for those who have the skills to do a great job.

Job Duties of a Receptionist

The job of a receptionist is very versatile, based on the company and the industry that you work in. However, the job duties are often the same no matter which industry you work in in terms of the types of activities you will do. For example, most receptionists will answer and screen phone calls before sending those calls to the right person. They greet customers or clients as they walk in and offer help in finding the appropriate destination for that individual’s needs. Many also ensure that only the right people get in to the building by monitoring access points and ensuring that only those who should come in, do.

Other receptionist job duties of these individuals include performing support tasks such as record keeping, creating calendars, and management appointment setting. They also handle documentation, both through computer systems and through paper filing. Many times, they also deal with mail and deliveries while management to prepare vouchers for guests.

Where They Work Matters

The largest number of receptionists work in the healthcare industry. They work in hospitals, emergency rooms, medical centers, and doctor’s offices. They work in a variety of settings. Most do not provide medical advice or guidance, but they can help with filling out forms, setting and maintaining appointments, answering questions related to scheduling or helping patients get to the location they need to be at.

Others work in corporate offices. In this case, they may work to greet customers and guests who arrive within the building and direct those individuals to the required destination. In other cases, they work at the front desk of a specific person or a group of people. They set appointments, answer questions about schedules and interact between the customer and the business.

Some also work in hotels. They can help with booking appointments, obtaining travel vouchers, making connections for transportation and helping guests to get to and from their rooms. They may work in resorts or even small bed and breakfast facilities.

A receptionist job is often one of the most important for businesses because it is the first connection point for the customer. That means these individuals have to be smiling individuals who are readily available to fill the needs of those who may have questions or concerns. Though they need to multitask, their job often entails handling the needs appointed to them by the company specifically.


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