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    A wide range of security guard jobs exist. For those who wish to work in this type of protective industry, it is very important to consider the atmosphere that is desirable. Some individuals work in high-risk environments whereas others work in very minimally risky situations. Depending on the type of career selected, the training and tasks required will differ. When considering training for this field, including whether or not it is required, determine first the type of job desired first.

    Armored Car Guards

    One of the jobs that falls under this heading is the armored car security guards. These professionals provide protection for money. They will drive from one location to the next, often from businesses and banks, to delivery funds from one provider to the next. Generally, these types of uniformed guards will provide a valuable service of ensuring money is not stolen in its transfer from a retail location to a bank. In addition, some who work in these positions also transfer funds from one bank to another. They may also bring coinage to the retail establishment. These jobs can be dangerous especially for those who are working in government-related finance transfers.

    Gaming Surveillance

    Another career option in this field has to do with gaming. Casinos and other gambling establishments required trained and educated security guards to spot potential problems and to diffuse the problem before it becomes a bigger situation. Many work in casinos monitoring patrons and employees of the establishment. They use video monitors, audio recordings, as well as visual inspection as methods to help maintain the peace in this type of high-risk situation. Often times, they do this type of observation from a special room that can oversee the entire casino floor. However, many guards are positioned throughout casinos to provide additional protection.

    Security Officers

    Another career path in this industry is the security officer. This is the most common type of security guard today. Individuals are often needed to supervise various establishments to ensure that there is no risk to the patrons or employees. For example, some retail establishments hire security guards to patrol the grounds to ensure no one is stealing, fighting, or otherwise breaking the law. These individuals are not police officers, but they are employed directly by the location. Hospitals, schools and other institutions also use these security officers as a way to monitor the activity occurring on the floor.

    Additionally, some work in areas where there are no people at all. Some security officers monitor the activity around a building or over a larger distance using monitors and cameras setup throughout the grounds. Others will patrol such grounds for any risks. This may be necessary in areas where people are likely to break in or where there is a threat that others will steal.

    Most security guard jobs involve the same thing and that is to provide surveillance and protection in high-risk or potentially risky situations. Individuals may or may not carry a weapon to do this. In most situations, the job is tailored to fit the needs of the establishment, which means individuals may be guarding just about anything.


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