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If you have decided you would like to work as a web designer, you may already have an idea of what your career path will be like. However, many prospective web designers are not aware of the various options available to them.

Working as a Self-Employed Web Designer

This is the most popular career path for those who want to become web designers. As well as having a passion for web design, many of those who choose to go into the industry do so because of the freedom that comes with having such a career. If you work as a self-employed web designer, you will either do so from home, or from another office location.

Naturally, you will be designing your own site; you can choose to either market it yourself, or pay somebody externally for their SEO services. In order to ensure clients purchase your services, you should create a portfolio. You can do this by volunteering to create a website for an organization, or you can create some personal projects as evidence that you are capable of designing websites.

If you head down the self-employed route, you can be as general or as niche as you like. Those who are general may target business owners and individuals in their locality, and create their sites for them. Those who are niche may choose to design sites for a specific set of individuals, and as such they can expect to attract clients from a broader area. For example, you may design wedding websites, or websites for medical professionals.

Working as an In-House Web Designer

Some companies are large enough to contract a permanent in-house web designer. This means you will be continuously working on their site, its pages, and aspects of it like its blog. You may even help out with e-letters that are sent to clients and customers on a regular basis. This is an attractive job prospect that comes with a consistent wage.

Working for a Marketing or SEO Company

Not all SEO services are virtually-based and many are based in physical offices. A lot of Internet marketing companies contract web designers on a continuous basis as a part of their services. This is very similar to the nature of work that a self-employed web designer will experience, as you will work on a variety of projects. The major difference is the company you work for will source the work, and you will be paid consistently.

Career Development as a Web Designer

There are opportunities to develop and further your career as a web designer. In the future, you may choose to move on to project management. Once you have amassed a lot of experience, you can use that to manage large scale projects, or multiple projects. Alternatively, those with formal computer science qualifications choose to work in web development. Similarly, those who have formal business qualifications may move on to working as Internet marketing experts. Regardless of where you start with your web design career, there is room for progression.

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