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    It’s not often you hear a child say,” I want to be a laborer when I grow up”. Labor is one of the most unglamorous jobs there is. And this is a really undeserved characterization. Labor is possibly the most important job in the country. Everyone can’t be a chief. There has to be some Indians  a lot in fact. All of these people getting rich in business and industry would be up the creek without a labor force. Someone has to actually go out and do the real work, such as building something, growing and harvesting something, or making it marketable (such as painting it, assembling it, etc….). Even if every person in the US were able to go to college and get degrees, it would make no difference. Someone has to do the real work.

    And it is a shame that there is such a disparity of pay between laborers, and other jobs. If everyone was paid what they are actually worth, laborers should be in the upper third of wage earners. In this writers opinion, just because you went to college doesn’t necessarily mean that your are better than anyone else. And I don’t see why anyone thinks that using your brain is any more valuable than being able to use your muscles. A brain can’t move anything on it’s own. The best should be the ability to use both.

    The uneven pay scale is due to social reasons. The reason laborers are paid so little is because of holdovers from the old Feudal Systems of Europe and Asia. Royalty was too good to do any real work, so they supervised and exploited the ‘commoners’, barring them from education lest they get any semblance of ambition. They paid them only enough to keep them alive and healthy enough to keep working, using the excuse, “A hungry lion hunts best”. This garbage excuse is still used today by some companies to justify paying someone less than what they are worth. If you notice, they themselves are seldom hungry, existing off of the fruits of your labor. Unions have helped the situation somewhat, but it could still be better.

    Be that as it may, unless things change radically, you are stuck with it. But there are still advantages to being a laborer. No matter what the economy does, there is always a market for laborers, and you can work and live pretty much anywhere you want. You can leave any time you want, with few repercussions, as long as you leave on good terms. You can do labor while training for better jobs. You can work as contract labor, and have more control over your life.

    Labourer Jobs

    What types of Labourer Jobs are there?

    Labor covers a lot of areas. You can be an agricultural laborer, usually harvesting various crops. A variation of this is the modern cowboy (that’s how I grew up and spent a lot of my younger years, as well as being a 3rd mate on a fishing boat. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for all the money in the world), working with livestock, and other required duties involved in ranching.

    Laborers can be mates on fishing boats, cruise ships, dockworkers, unload trucks and train cars, loggers, forestry laborers, construction workers, and many other jobs. And labor can be fun. Many labor jobs are outside work, meaning you get plenty of fresh air, and can work in some really pretty places like forests, around lakes, streams, dams. In some cases you get to ride horses, be around animals, till the soil, operate some equipment like jack-hammers, tractors and fork-lifts. D

    ue to the rugged work, upper body-strength requirements, and environments, labor is predominantly a male occupation. There are not many women who would look forward to labor jobs, except as a means to a better job. But labor can build and shape a man. There is absolutely nothing dishonourable about doing a good, hard days work, and being a laborer should be a matter of pride, like the song “John Henry” says. Labor develops good work ethics, determination, and a can-do attitude.

    Laborer Training

    Do you need training to become a labourer? 

    The only requirements for most labor jobs is strength (which you will develop on the job, trust me…), and a willingness to work. Some jobs may prefer experienced laborers, but most companies will always make room for any man with an honest desire to work. Labor is what built the U.S., and still keeps it one of the greatest countries on the planet. So, if you are doing labor, hold your head up and be proud. You earned it.

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