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  • How Much Do Nurses Earn?

    Nurses SalaryAs one of the most rewarding and secure professions available to those who want to work in healthcare, nursing is a job that is not threatening to die out any time soon. Those who choose to become a nurse may face up to four years of college, but upon completion of their degree there are great employment prospects ahead. How much you will earn as a nurse will vary according to where you work geographically, in terms of the hospital, and how much experience you have.

    A nurse’s average earnings

    According to the office of national statistics, the average nurse earns around $81,000. However, it is worth bearing in mind that this average statistic includes those who have accumulated many years of experience, those who have only just started on the job, and those who work in quite specialized roles.

    A nurse who has just graduated from college may earn around the $40,000 mark. This will depend on which college they went to, where they first start working, and the nature of their degree. For those who choose to work in nursing management roles, or as clinical educators, it is not unusual to reach the stage where you earn beyond $100,000. How much you earn as an ‘average’ nurse really will vary, but it is important to remember that there is room for great potential and you will be rewarded in accordance with the experience and qualifications you gain.

    Nursing according to degree level

    As nurses can enter the profession on a variety of degrees, it stands to reason that there are varying pay scales according to the qualifications they hold. For example, those who are advanced practice nurses find that they earn around $6,000 more than those who are not. It therefore makes sense to take on extra training as a nurse, which you can fine tune according to the area you are most interested in working in. The more you choose to expand on your basic nurse’s training, the better your employment and payment prospects will be.

    Experience and specialties

    Much like any other job, nursing is one that pays more according to the experience you have. Inevitably, the amount you start on will not be the same amount you are paid in ten years’ time.

    Those who earn the most are the advanced practice nurses. Those who choose to go into advanced practice do so based on experience, and will obtain a graduate’s degree in order to earn their advanced status. The areas that an advanced nurse can work in vary, but most commonly include labour and delivery, anaesthesia, paediatrics, and gerontology. Taking the decision to adopt further training in order to earn more money should come after you have gained more post-qualification experience. Doing this will allow you to determine which area works best for you, and will make your experience and training efforts worthwhile.

    No matter how much you earn as a nurse, you can rest assured that your career will be rewarding, and that it will not die out.

    Nurses Salary

    In summary: An average nurse salary is $81,000 per annum.

    Newly qualified nurses earn in the region of $40k per annum.

    Like with most professions nurses will earn more depending on their qualifications and skill-set.

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