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    The role of an office clerk will vary according to the sector they want to work in. While an office clerk working in the accounting sector will require some knowledge of taxation and accounting, one who is working as an administrative clerk will not. Regardless of which type of office clerk you would like to work as, the potential for work is fantastic. As each organization needs administrative tasks to be performed, there is almost always a need for an office clerk.

    What does an office clerk do?

    What an office clerk does will depend on the sector they are working in. Regardless of the sector, an office clerk is typically involved in assisting with the managerial and organisational side of a business. Most office clerks interact with customers and clients a lot; this interaction comes with taking phone calls and arranging appointments.

    Many office clerks also act as a point of communication between all employees within a company, and will also play a small role in maintaining accounts and overseeing financial transactions. As a job, being an office clerk can be very challenging, but it can also be very rewarding.

    Office Clerk Training

    What kind of training is required to become an office clerk?

    For many office clerk positions, there is no need to complete a formal qualification. It is often possible to gain on-the-job-training, but many employers will expect you to be a high school graduate. Many prospective and current office clerks do choose to take on an associate’s degree; doing this is a great way to formalize qualifications, and is also very useful for those who want to work in a particular sector.

    For those who do not want to take on a full associate’s degree, it is possible to complete a certificate in office administration. Such certificates are perfect for people who need a little more training as far as bookkeeping and office management are concerned. Those who successfully secure office clerk jobs often choose to take on extra courses in their spare time, or via distance learning. Courses that help them become proficient in using Excel, Sage, and other office-focused software are great for moving onto more taxing jobs and securing promotions.

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    Office Clerk Jobs

    What office clerk jobs are available, and what do they entail?

    As many offices require clerks to oversee how they run and assist with the managerial aspects of office life, there are many environments available for an office clerk. This is ideal for those who have an interest in a particular field, but do not want to take on the full training or responsibility that comes with working on its front line.

    For example, you may have an interest in medicine, but you may not want to work as a doctor or nurse. Working as an office clerk will allow you to operate in that environment without taking on a manual position. Other office clerk environments include (but are not limited to) lawyer’s offices, police departments, property management companies, credit card processing companies, insurance providers, and many other interesting industries.

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