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5 Great Reasons to Become an Office Clerk

5 Great Reasons to Become an Office ClerkBeing an office clerk can easily turn out to be the most sociable and rewarding working environment you have ever experienced. With room for progression and a variety of working environments, there are many reasons why you should consider being an office clerk. Here are five of them:

1. You do not need formal qualifications

In many working environments, there is no need for formal qualifications in order to become an office clerk. It will usually be the case that you will need to be a high school graduate, but this is one of the few jobs out there that does not require a degree or certificate. For those who do want to formalize their qualifications, it is still possible to obtain them in order to move onto a better-paid position.

2. You can work in almost any environment

Almost every industry you can think of will have the need for an office clerk. This is perfect for those who want to experience different working environments, without having to gain formal qualifications for all of them. This is also ideal for people who have always had an interest in a particular field, but do not like any of the jobs that are typically associated with it. For example, you may love the world of crime, but do not want to work as a police officer. Working as an office clerk can help you get around that.

3. You can specialize

Working as an office clerk does not mean you will have to stick to the same administrative tasks for the rest of your life. As mentioned above, you can choose a particular field and focus on it. If you do choose to specialize, you will develop special skills, and can find yourself in the position where you are able to ask for extra pay.

4. The hours are sociable

Many careers have a working day that will leave you unable to spend time with your friends and family. As an office clerk, it is not difficult to find a working environment with sociable working hours. This means you will be free to have a career, without having to worry about whether you will have time to do other things that you love. It is also a particularly good job for flexible working, which is perfect for people who have to work on a part-time basis due to other commitments.

5. It is a job that will not die out

As time and technology have both changed, so has the nature of the job market. For example, you no longer find as many farmers as you did in the 18th century. As industry has grown, so has the need for office clerks. As such, this is not a career you will begin on shaky grounds. While the recession has hit many industries, the need for office clerks has continued. It is also not a position that will be threatened by computers any time soon, which means you will feel safe in your role.

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