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  • Office Clerk Salary – How Much Do Office Clerk’s Earn?

    Office Clerk SalaryChoosing to begin a career as an office clerk is one of the steadiest career paths you can take. As the majority of businesses and work places need somebody to oversee the organizational aspect of their operations, office clerks are often in demand. An office clerk’s pay will often vary according to where they work, as well as the amount of experience they have.

    Starting Off as an Office Clerk

    Many people choose to become an office clerk because it is a progressive role that does not always require formal qualifications or prior experience. As such, the starting pay can be quite low for those who are real beginners. Many people will start off at around $8.00 per hour, but this can vary if you are working in an urban area as opposed to one that is more rural.

    If you have taken the time to gain office clerk qualifications prior to applying for jobs, or you intend to do that, then you may be able to start off on a better wage. Regardless of what you start off at, those who have formal qualifications may be able to move onto higher paying roles faster.

    Progression for Better Pay as an Office Clerk

    Although working as an office clerk is not a position that will see you become a millionaire, gaining more experience and choosing to specialize may see you earn a tidy wage. For example, some office clerks can earn around $20-30 per hour, but this will depend on how much responsibility they have. If you are interested in managing a team of office clerks using the experience you have gained, you can expect to progress up the wage ladder.

    This is especially the case for those who have chosen to work in a specialist environment. If career progression in terms of pay is something you are serious about, choosing to stick to a particular workplace is the best way to move up the pay scale rather than sideways. For example, if you want to work as a legal office clerk, you can gain skills that will allow you to eventually manage a team in a larger firm.

    Work at Home Wage Potential for Office Clerks

    One of the biggest worries of those who choose to work at home as an office clerk is whether they will be able to earn a full-time wage. This depends on your previous experience, as well as the effort you put in to securing clients. With many people choosing to outsource on a regular or temporary basis, being a work at home office clerk is not impossible by any means.

    This is often known as being a virtual assistant, and can often come with wages that are the same as those who work in a physical environment rather than from at home. As those who hire a virtual assistant often need them on a temporary basis, paying the same wages as those who run a physical office is not unusual. With the right experience, you can secure steady clients and a steady wage.

    Office Clerk Salary Summary

    Basic office clerk slalaries can be pretty low – anything from $8.00 per hour.

    The more experience you have the better chance you have of attaining a higher salary.

    It is not uncommon for experienced office clerk’s to earn $30/$40 per hour.

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