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There are always job opportunities in the Health Care Industry. When was the last time you ever heard of a physician being laid-off? Physicians work in a lot of different environments. Of course, most people are familiar with doctors that work in hospitals and clinics, where they treat diseases, and perform surgery. But what a lot of people don’t know is that physicians also work in a lot of other fields. Some work in research, developing new treatments and helping pharmaceutical companies develop new medicines.

Some work for private companies and test products for safety, such as the automobile industry. Some are sales reps. for pharmaceutical companies. Many physicians opt to practice medicine in the military. Some doctors go into Hospital Administration, and seldom see patients at all. There are some who go to remote areas of the world to bring medical care to people who wouldn’t have it otherwise, through organizations such as the Peace Corps, UNESCO, Doctors Without Borders, and even the International Red Cross.

It is estimated that there will be a shortage of anywhere between 39,000, and 45, 000 doctors, starting as early as 2015. This is due in part because of expanded medical care under OBAMACARE, a large number of doctors leaving the practice of medicine due to both OBAMACARE, and retirement, and fewer new students pursuing a line of study that would lead to becoming a licensed physician.

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How Do I Become A Physician?

The road to becoming a physician is a long and hard road, and one not everyone can complete. It requires above-average intelligence, and at times, an almost super-human sense of purpose and dedication. You have to obtain a Bachelors Degree in a suitable Life Science field, such as biology, chemistry, zoology, etc…., before you can even be considered for acceptance into a medical school. And just passing is not good enough. You must graduate in the upper 1/3 of your class for most of the more prestigious medical schools to be interested in you.

Once you get accepted to medical school, the work really begins. You will get 4 years of a gruelling regime of hard subjects, long, sleepless hours, and uncompromising standards. But even at that, the attrition rate is less than 5%, due to the schools being very selective about who they let in. A doctor holds the power of life and death in his/her hands, and they do not grant this privileged lightly.
After medical school, you are still not done. You just complete 3 to 6 years of Residency under a senior physician instructor (the first year used to be referred to as ‘Internship’, but the American Medical Association does not use that term anymore). Then, if you wish to specialize, you must complete a 1 to 3-year Fellowship program in that speciality.

And, while you are going through all this, you must also get a Medical License from the state you are practicing in. This involves a lot of testing, and jumping through a lot of hoops.
If you started right out of High School, you could reasonably expect to be practising medicine on your own by the time you are 30.

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Physician Jobs

How Much Can I Expect To Make As A Physician?

Annual Income for physicians varies greatly depending on your speciality  Neurosurgeons are some of the highest-paid doctors, averaging around $450,000 for 2011. The lowest paid are Peace Corps, and similar volunteers, who obviously do not get paid at all. For all others, anything in-between. Salaries also are somewhat dependent on location. Obviously, a physician in Hollywood, Ca, or Boston, Ma .is going to make more than a doctor in Farmer’s Branch, Tx. As a rookie doctor, it is reasonable to expect that you will probably average at least $150,000 annually no matter where you practice, and probably more.

Medicine is one of the highest paid profession for sure, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Some doctors have to make life, or death decisions on behalf of other people on a daily basis. A physicians life is not necessarily a picnic all the time.

If you think you have what it takes to become a physician, start preparing as soon as possible, preferably while still in High School. Take plenty of science course, and make the highest grades you can. Same with college. Stay in close contact with your counsellors and advisors. They will help you stay on the right course to get accepted into a good medical school.

There is always room for more doctors. Best of luck to you…….

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