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  • 5 Tips For Finding A Physician Job

    Competition for physician jobs are intense in some areas. Believe it or not, some physician’s actually have trouble finding jobs, even though the demand is great. There are a few reasons for this.

    The Number One job-killer is attitude. OK, you’re a great physician, and you’ve toughed it out through almost a decade of gruelling training, so maybe you feel a little cocky. A little confidence is OK in an interview, but arrogance will only get you rejection. The interviewers deal with hot-shot doctors all the time, and you will not impress them with attitude.

    The next big job-killer is smoking. Tobacco is a huge no-no in a health-care environment. Do not smoke before going to an interview, or have any tobacco on you. Make sure it is off of your breath, and your clothes. A non-smoker can detect even minute whiffs of tobacco smoke, hours after you have put the stogie out. If you do smoke, it’s a good idea to quit, as soon as possible. Other things that can keep you from getting hired are tattoos and piercings (other than for earirngs). Tattoos should be completely covered, as well as any piercings you may have. Save them for weekend displays.

    Okay. Now I know What Not To Do. So What Do I Do To Get Hired?

    There are a lot of things you can do to increase your chances of being hired, but there are 5 main things that interviewers look for in a prospective new doctor:

    1. The Number-One most important thing of all is to be on-time for your interview.

    If you can’t make the interview on time, then how can they expect you to be on-time for work? Being late for an interview is a death-sentence as far as the job is concerned. The only exceptions are that if you are in the ER with critical wounds, and you have called before the appointment to re-schedule, or maybe if you came across a bad wreck on the way to the interview and you stopped to save a couple of lives until the EMTs arrived (you can try this one, anyway. It probably won’t work, but it may be worth a shot…..).

    2. Dress appropriately.

    Scrubs may be the thing to wear at the clinic, but an interview is a business situation. Men should wear dress slacks, a dress shirt (fully-buttoned…the interviewer is not interested in your chest-hair…), and I would recommend a tie, and a sport coat. And not that brightly-colored tie with the glow-in-the-dark hula girl, or the red plaid sport-coat. Save those for the Lodge meetings. Wear a solid, or regimental tie (diagonal stripes) in either black, blue, or maroon, over a light-colored shirt of blue, white or yellow, and a solid-colored sport jacket in a non-clashing color. And always wear black socks. The important work of the world is done by men with black socks. If you are wearing boots, don’t worry about the socks. Oh, and a word about boots: Unless you are interviewing for a position in Eagle Pass, Tx, or Stillwater, OK, leave the cowboy boots at home, especially the snake-skin and ostrich-skin ones.. Wear Wellingtons, Jodhpurs or Ropers, in black. Shoes or boots; make sure they are well-polished. Women should wear dress slacks or a medium-length skirt, with a button up blouse.

    A lot of your interview will be based on the interviewers initial impression of you. Don’t blow it before you even get started.

    3. Don’t be afraid to show your spirit and passion.

    Hospitals are looking for physicians who share their desire to provide excellent patient service. You need to show them you really care about people.

    4. Have a professionally prepared resumé.

    You are applying for a professional position. Don’t show up with a hand-written, crinkled piece of paper with your job history on it.

    5. Show your professionalism.

    Be prepared to discuss things like clinical effectiveness, medical language, aptitude, and your knowledge of the the medical environment.

    How Do I Find Jobs To Apply For?

    You can, of course, look in classified sections of newspapers, but jobs for physicians are seldom listed there. Some medical publications have classified sections with employment listings, but the best way to locate possible jobs is through a professional employment agency that specializes in medical staffing. You are more likely to get an interview through one of these services. Another good resource is networking. There are several on-line social networks dedicated to medical jobs. There are also many good websites with medical job listings.

    However you decide to find a job as a physician, the main thing is to be prepared at your interview. It’s the little things that count……..

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