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Though it may not seem like the type of job that many people seek out, becoming a plumber can be an outstanding career choice. It is also one of the most lucrative careers as well. For those who have a logical and technical mind, this type of position can be the ideal choice. In many ways, those who work as a plumber can create their own businesses and provide services on their own hours and terms. In many situations, this is one career path that is always going to be in demand.

About Being a Plumber and the Job Prospects

A plumber is a professional who works with plumbing works in buildings, including residential and commercial establishments. Those who work in this field help to install and to maintain pipelines that career water throughout the building. They also provide service for drain lines that remove liquid and waste from the building. Most also provide service for those pipes that carry air and steam. In some situations, they provide services for gas-related service as well. Some work as plumbers, both others work as pipefitters or as steamfitters as well.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who work in this field are likely to be in demand going forward. Plumbing positions will grow at a rate of 26 percent on average from 2010 through 2020. That is faster than average in job growth throughout the country. This rate of growth will add more than 107,000 positions to the field.

Plumber Training

What training do you need to be a plumber?

For those who wish to work as a plumber, most will need a high school education or the equivalent. They may spend some time in a trade school setting, but most will work and learn at the same time. On the job training is the ideal way for these individuals to learn. Some areas, including some states and local entities require these professionals to have a license. Others do not. Plumbers often need to continue their education as new products and tools are designed and implemented.

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Plumber Jobs

What jobs are available to plumbers?

Plumbers is the main type of career position in this field. These individuals install and maintain all aspects of the plumbing of a building, including gas, drainage and water lines. They work in all sorts of scenarios including factories, businesses and in homes. They maintain, fix or install all plumbing fixtures and they also provide help with heating and cooling systems in many cases.

Additionally, some work in very specific industries. Some work as pipefitters who maintain pipes that have the job of carrying acids, chemicals, and gases to and from various locations. Gasfitters work with only oxygen supplies in hospital settings. Steamfitters work in those areas where high pressure situations.

For those that wish to become plumbers, there is a growing demand for individuals in this field. With many opportunities to develop their own business or to work the hours they prefer, those who work in this field are likely to earn a decent income and have a successful career.

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