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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbing Careers

Plumbing CareersDo you think you know everything there is to know about plumbing careers? Chances are good you don’t. In fact, plumbers are much more important than you may realize. If you are wondering if you can find a niche in this field and do well in it, you may want to explore a few specific areas of plumbing you haven’t thought about.

#1 – There’s a Demand

One of the biggest misunderstandings regarding plumbing careers is that this is a type of job that isn’t readily available. By 2020, though, there will be about a 26 percent growth in this job industry, which is faster than average job production. There is likely to be a job out there for you.

#2 – You Don’t Have to Go to College

In fact, most of those who work in this field do not go to college but rather enroll in apprenticeship programs. They learn as they work. Most will be paid to learn on the job. You can find these opportunities through local unions or through local businesses that offer this type of help. You may need a high school diploma or the equivalent to enroll in these programs.

#3 – It’s Not Dirty Work

That’s also not the case. In fact, many plumbers have nothing to do with snaking drains or unclogging toilets. Many work in hospitals, power plants, commercial buildings and even in heating and cooling. They work with architects to design pipe systems for large buildings. They work to install fire sprinkler systems to safeguard buildings and work environments. Some do work in the residential industry but they are also well paid for doing so.

#4 – They Earn Well

Because plumbers do have a hard job, most do earn a sizable paycheck. In the United States, the median income for all occupations is about $33,800. However, the median income for plumbers, steamfitters, and pipefitters is significantly higher at well over $46,600 a year. That means that half of those who work in this industry make less than this and half make more. The top 10 percent earn more than $79,000 per year.

#5 – You Can Start Your Own Business

You can own your own business if you want to. In fact, about 14 percent of these professionals are self-employed. They develop their own businesses in their local communities to service the needs of those in the area. These businesses can be very successful and they often provide for outstanding opportunities for those who wish to earn even more.

#6 – The Job Is Not Boring

Most plumbers find that this is the case. That’s because plumbing work is very much a problem solving industry. Individuals who work in this field must be able to adapt to the surroundings and find solutions for concerns. They have to be creative in their approaches for laying pipe work. They must maintain the requirements set by local codes. Though the job is challenging, it most certainly is not a boring type of job to have.


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