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A receptionist is one of the most important jobs for businesses. Though they may not handle the actual work of the business, which is in the hands of executives, they do facilitate the process. This includes handling high stress activities, handling busy schedules and multitasking to complete projects as required. Though the job may not be easy, for many people in this field it can be a very rewarding career. Those who are people-oriented, organized, and able to follow directions do best in this type of field.

About Being a Receptionist and the Prospects

Receptionists work in various types of administrative tasks. This includes doing things like answering telephones, providing information to customers or clients and managing schedules. They are often the source of information for those who need answers to questions. In many situations, these professionals work in social situations. They may work in healthcare fields for doctors. Some work in hospitals. Others work in corporate settings. Still others work in hotels and at resorts. Nearly every industry requires the use of this type of service.

In terms of prospects, things look good for those in this field. The US Department of Labor Statistics indicates that those in these positions will be more in demand in the future. From the period of 2010 through 2020, there will be about a 24 percent growth in this job market. That is an increase of about 248,000 jobs in the field, which is significantly faster than average job growth in the country.

Receptionist Training

Training Required to Become a Receptionist

To become a receptionist, individuals need to have some basic training. However, most do not need to complete a degree to work in this field. Most will need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent to work in the field, though. Individuals will need to have ample training on the job, though. In this career field, the job duties of a receptionist will change based on the company and industry he or she works in. Additionally, the company’s computer software, policies, and other details make it a very customizable job. Individuals must have good communication skills and the ability to adapt well.

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Receptionist Jobs

Jobs In Receptionist Fields

The job of the receptionist is very non-specific. In other words, this career field often conforms to the job at hand. However, these individuals work in many places and this affords a wide range of job types. Most who work in this field handle administrative duties. This includes answering phones, greeting customers, managing documents, performing administration tasks such as keeping appointment calendars and processing documents.

In nearly all situations, these individuals are the first representation a customer or client has with the business. Therefore, these individuals often must have ample customer service skills and be able to interact with people even in stressful situations. Their job is to be the intermediary between the business and the customer. For that to happen, they need to ensure that they have the knowledge necessary to answer questions and get the customer satisfaction no matter the industry.

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