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  • 7 Great Reasons to Become a Receptionist

    Become a ReceptionistWhy should you become a receptionist? If you are someone that is passionate about helping others, it may be a good career choice for you. However, there are many people who feel that this job is not the best choice for their needs because the pay isn’t the highest or because the work can be demanding. Is it right for you? To find out, consider the following benefits for working in this particular field.

    #1 – Receptionist Pay Isn’t Bad

    Though it may not be the highest paying job, it is one job that pays well for those who are just out of high school. You do not have to have any formal training or college-based learning to work in this field. Those who have a high school education will find that this is a career path they can get on right away.

    #2 – You Like Working With Others

    For those who enjoy helping other people, this is a good career field to be in. It provides ample opportunity for those who want to engage customers in a non-sales like way but still want to provide assistance.

    #3 – You Want to Work in Healthcare

    If you don’t like blood and don’t want to deal with loss, you can work in healthcare by working as a receptionist. You will still get to work in a solid career field and get to work in an industry that really does make a difference. That matters to many.

    #4 – It Is an In Demand Field

    Over the next ten years, you can expect to see more receptionist jobs becoming avialable. This field is likely to see a grwoth of about 24 percent from 2010 through 2020. That will add thousands of new jobs to the country. This is at a rate that is faster than t he rate of growth in the general sector.

    #5 – You Can Work Your Schedule

    Though doctor’s offices and other facilities may have set schedules, most receptionists are able to work the type of schedule that is right for their needs. You may be able to work part time. you may want to work just during the day on the weekdays. There is versatility here.

    #6 – You May Be Able to Work From Home

    In some industries, it is possible for these individuals to work from home providing administrative services to an individual or company. These types of telecommunication jobs may entail answering the phone, management paperwork, setting schedules and doing documentation work.

    #7 – Most Often, It Is Not Stressful

    Unlike other career fields, becoming a receptionist isn’t likely to lead to high stress. This does depend on the type of industry you work in and the company you select. Nevertheless many in this field find that it is far less stressful.

    For those who are people lovers and who have a good level of communication skill, working as a receptionist can be a very good thing. It may be just what you need for your career needs.


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