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    Security guards are professionals who protect other people or places. To become a security guard, individuals need to take into consideration their physical skills as well as their mental fortitude for handling problem solving in a high stress environment. The most common guards work to monitor property or people. However, some work in highly dangerous fields requiring a great deal of surveillances work. Other times, the work is dull.

    Security guards are in demand. The job prospects for those in this field are likely to grow over the next decade at least as fast as other occupations. Individuals can work in the private sector, in government agencies and as a freelancer, providing individualized services to those in need.

    Security Guard Training

    What Training Is Required to Become a Security Guard?

    The training required to become a security guard differs from one state to the next. Generally, entry level positions which provide a great deal of on the job training do not have any formal education requirements. Individuals with a high school diploma or the equivalent may qualify for these positions. They will then spend time learning the job while they work. Most will train with other personnel for the company or agency before being able to work on their own.

    In some states, though, licensure is a requirement. States that require individuals to have licenses may require the individual to have a formal background check, screenings for mental health and competency testing. This is particularly important in situations that are high risk or government oriented in which the individual may need to carry a weapon. Security guards are not licensed like police officers and other personnel such as detectives. Whether or not they carry weapons depends on the job.

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    Security Guard Jobs

    What Types of Jobs Are Available in This Field?

    The work environment for a security guard differs based on who he or she is working with. Many manage public buildings, stores, office buildings, or government offices. Some are transportation security guards. In this field, the individual will provide protection services for those transporting money or other valuables from one location to the other.

    Gaming surveillance is another type of security guard. In this field, the individual will work within casinos or other gambling organizations to observe players and employees. They will use audio as well as video equipment to monitor the occurrences on the field.

    Other individuals work as freelance security guards. These individuals may provide protection services for famous individuals, politicians and other at-risk individuals who need protection from others. They may or may not work with a company for this service. Some set up and work individually with those in need of the service for personalized care.

    According to the US Bureau of Statistics, security guards will see a growth in demand over the next decade. About an 18 percent increase in jobs in this field is likely from 2010 through 2020. That will amount to an additional 200,200 jobs in the field. This is about as fast as average job growth in the country.

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