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  • 5 Things You Don`t Know About Security Guard Careers

    Security Guard CareersWhen it comes to working in security guard careers, the tasks of the job range widely. Depending on the type of job, individuals may do anything from very little work at all to managing high risks every day. The type of experience of the individual depends on the threats present, the type of protection being provided and any type of goals the security guard is given by the employer. In short, the job may seem simple enough, but there are some things that can differ significantly from one position to the next. For those considering this field, it is important to know what to expect on the job.

    #1 – Weapons Are Not Always Necessary

    Not all security guards use weapons. Many individuals can take entry level security positions and not use any type of weapons on the job. These jobs often include monitoring patients in a hospital setting or overseeing others. Often, these providers have less risky positions and the threats are minimal.

    #2 – Individuals Need to Learn to Use Software and Equipment

    With the growing use of technology in many security guard positions, it is incredibly important for individuals to invest in software and technology training. Often, threats also have this type of mobile-connection. This means that guards need to know how to use everything from alarms to screening devices effectively. Software programs may detect threats. In other cases, individuals will need to learn how to use high-tech security breaching services. However, most of these programs require on the job training since most employers do not want to share this information with just anyone.

    #3 – Protection Starts with Prevention

    One of the main jobs of a security guard is not to disarm problems and to provide protection. Rather, it is to provide a layer of prevention. With the presence of a security guard, especially an armed guard, it is less likely that individuals will start a problem. Thieves are more likely to hit those unprotected areas than they are any type of protected area where a guard is present. For this reason, many businesses, hospitals, and schools use security guards as a type of prevention of problems rather than a solution to them.

    #4 – State Licensing May Be Required

    Many states have in place laws, which required those working as security guards have a license to do so. This license requires specific training and guidance. The goal of it is to ensure that the individual is able to manage a firearm properly, as well as how to diffuse situations without risk to anyone around them.

    #5 – Fitness Is Key

    One of the most common job qualifications that companies look for when hiring a security guard is overall physical fitness. Individuals who are able to communicate well and administer first aid are also very valuable. However, if the individual is not able to meet the physical demands of the job, this can be very risky for the business. Additionally, many businesses look for friendly, courtesy guards rather than obtrusive providers. They don’t want to scare away customers.



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