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Beauty therapist training is often state regulated. To become a cosmetologist, barber, or another individual working in this field, it is very important to have advanced training. Most states have a specific license for individuals to work towards that’s required prior to providing services. To obtain a license, individuals will need to obtain education from a state-approved facility, often once that teaches specific skills in the area the individual will be working in, including cosmetology programs, barber school or even esthetician programs.

Beauty Therapist Training & Education

Though some colleges do offer this type of service and training, most individuals who will work in this field will get their education from specific trade schools. The first step is to have a high school diploma or the equivalent to enroll into these programs. You will then have to enroll into the cosmetology program suited for the area of expertise you plan to work in. All states require individuals that will work as hairdressers, barbers, or cosmetologists to complete a program of student. These programs will teach ample skills, including hairstyling, cutting, skin care, and personal appearance services.

Some programs are available through high school vocational programs. Others are available through full time trade schools. Most require at least nine months to one year of training. You may need to obtain an associate’s degree in the field. Those who wish to continue their training, though, may be able to obtain managerial licenses or even teaching licenses in the field. Many students will come back to school for additional training and updating. Some schools require continuing education as a method of keeping the individual up to date on trends and laws.

Those who take these programs not only learn more advanced hairstyling techniques, but also how to manage a business. Most will be able to learn business management skills, sales skills, and marketing methods.

State Licenses

To obtain most state licenses, individuals will need to be at least 16 years old. They will also need to enroll in a state approved course and obtain training that meets the required credit hours. The exams will include both a practical, or hands on testing process, as well as a written exam. Those who work as a barber may get additional training. Most states do not combine the two licenses into one. To become a barber, more training is necessary. This also requires passing a practical and a written exam.

Though those who work as shampooers do not need to have a license or complete education in order to work in this field, most of those who will to work in this industry will need to obtain the proper education and training for their needs. This helps ensure the customer that the individual who is working on his or her hair is able to do a good job and achieve the results the client is interested in. In many situations, it is critical to work on continuing education to ensure that the student always has the most up to date education possible.

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