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    Courier training is necessary so that individuals learn how to manage the day-to-day tasks required on the job. As a courier, individuals will manage the acceptance and delivery of packages from one organization or person to the next. This job entails a lot of physical work, but it can be very enjoyable work in some cases. Individuals who plan to do well in the field will need training to learn a variety of job skills necessary to manage the process.

    What Type of Courier Training Is Required?

    Job training for couriers involves learning how to use software, first. Most courier services now use software and in-vehicle computer systems to manage the process of delivering packages or picking up those packages. The individual will need to learn how to read maps and to drive safely as well. This type of education is often done on the job. The employer hiring the individual is often responsible for training drivers and couriers to fill their needs. Job and company-specific training is often necessary even for those who may have some experience in the field.

    Medical Courier Training Requirements

    Those who work as a medical courier transport bodily fluids, potentially hazardous material and medical documents from one location to the next. They often have advanced training, usually taught by the employer, in this field. Advanced training may include how to handle such material, how to maintain a chain of command when handing over the material and how to minimize exposure. Meeting OSHA standards is often necessary for those who work in this field as well. Those that work with pharmaceuticals may also need security clearance.

    Other Types of Training Required

    Couriers may also receive further training based on the situation in which they work. Those who work in food courier services may need to manage temperature controlled logistics. These individuals may need training to learn how to properly maintain temperatures over long distances.

    How to Get Into Courier Positions

    For those who are interested in becoming a courier, the first step is to get your high school diploma. Most courier companies do accept high school equivalent testing. Individuals will need to pass drug screenings. Most will also need to have a clean driving record. In some cases, individuals will need to obtain their commercial driver’s license. This is only necessary in situations where the individual is delivering using larger trucks or materials over long distances. The state defines if such driver’s licenses are required based on the type of work the individual does.

    Once employed, the individual is likely to undergo on the job training. Some programs last a few weeks others last a few months. The goal of these programs is to provide training about computer systems, vehicle maintenance, and upkeep, training on how to lift items and much more.

    Those who wish to advance into management positions may need to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in logistics or in business management, depending on the field. This type of education can be helpful for those who wish to work as supervisors of other drivers or couriers within the company.


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    • Md. Habib says:
      July 4, 2013

      I am a Admin Officer in a courier service company. I need your help. How to manage our courier employer? and how to treet them? please give some idea above my email id. In question is that how to trannig to courier?

    • Matthew Hudson says:
      September 10, 2013

      Looking for info on any courses available connected with couriering

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