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    To become a fitness instructor, you will first need to get your own fitness instructor training and education in the field. In nearly all situations, individuals will need to obtain education and certifications. Depending on the situation in which they work, they may be required by employers to have specific education requirements. Those who wish to enter this field should value accredited education as a tool to aid them in getting into the right career field for their needs.

    Specialized Fitness Training

    In some fields, specialized education and training is necessary. For example, those who wish to provide yoga services to clients may wish to spend up to two years studying the art from an approved provider. Some of these programs have a 200 credit hour learning program to teach the anatomy, philosophy and the techniques in these methods.


    Those who are working for an employer in this field will need to obtain a certificate indicating their abilities. They may work alongside other certified instructors to learn the process. Many will need to obtain proper certification from an organization such as the National Commission for Certifying Agencies for this field. This type of certification may be state required as well.

    Formal Education

    Though many people enter this field without having a lot of education, many will obtain degrees through accredited colleges and universities. Programs may be associate or bachelor level. Most can be completed within two to four years. Health and fitness, kinesiology, physical education and exercise science are all areas of student education commonly available. Keep in mind that this type of formal education is not always required, but it can help individuals to achieve their specific goals within the field as well as enable individuals to open their own businesses in this area.

    On the Job Fitness Instructior Training

    Even in situations where the individual is taught in a school and obtains a certificate of completion, on the job training may be necessary in some applications. Individuals will work with job trainers to know the ins and outs of the facility. They will need to understand the business side of the organization, too, such as how to sign up new clients and what restrictions are in place to minimize risk to clients getting injured. Additionally, there will be various in-house restrictions and policies that need to be followed when working for an individual.

    Those who wish to manage their own classes or handle their own business in this field will likely need to develop sales skills. Many will work in gyms and in fitness facilities for several years working on developing a client base before opening their own gym or hosting their own private classes.

    Fitness instructor training requires a solid understanding of the body and of the science behind exercise. No matter what type of specialty the individual will have, having the ability to teach, motivate and safely enable individuals to reach their own fitness goals is a critical component of this job. It can only be done once the trainer has this knowledge to share, though.

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