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    All states require licensing of hairdressers. This is to ensure that all practitioners operate in a safe and hygienic manner. Believe it or not, a hairdresser can actually be a health hazard, if proper procedures are not followed. To this end, before they even consider you for a license, you will have to pass a very comprehensive test. But before you can take the test and apply for a license, you will have to show proof of approved training. T

    here are many hairdresser schools out there, but to be licensed, you must graduate from an approved school. Few, if any states will accept online, or distance learning schools. Your training will require a certain amount of ‘hands-on’ work. So you would be better off to ignore those internet ads that offer to train you for a career in hairdressing. Only approved schools are accepted.

    Do you need certain qualifications to be accepted on to training programs?

    Most schools will probably want to see your high school transcripts, or GED scores. This is so they can determine if you can complete the school work. A certain amount of the training will be academic. Schools are rated by the percentage of students that graduate, and become licensed hairdressers, so they may be somewhat selective in who they accept. Also, class sizes are strictly limited, so there is some competition for slots in the classes.

    What can you expect once accepted on to a course?

    Once you get accepted to a school, you can look forward to 1000 to over 2000 hours, depending on your states licensing requirements, of intensive study. For most states, to become licensed, you will have to take the full comprehensive Cosmotology course. Cosmotology is the study of cosmetics, and their uses. You’ll have to learn esthetics, skin care, electrology, nail technology, hair coloring, and much more.You will need to learn different hair cutting techniques, and be familiar with many different styles of cuts. You will need to know how to relax hair, how to care for it, how to repair damaged hair, how not to damage hair, how to shampoo hair, how to color it safely, and evenly, how to apply, trim, and color nails, and how to repair, and modify hair styles. You will also need to learn about proper sanitation techniques, proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment, cleaning the salon, and applicable health regulations

    You’ll have to learn how to recognize health issues like lice, fungal infections, excema, psoriasis, dandruff, and other conditions. You need to learn about applicable professional ethics, paperwork, customer service, and much more. You will also have to know all of your states laws that apply to cosmotology.

    How much does hairdresser training cost?

    You can expect to spend anywhere from $5000.00 to $10,000.00 to graduate from an approved cosmotology school. But most schools have some sort of financial aid available  and even some scholoarships. And most schools also have job placement services available after you get licensed.

    Many people opt to go to Cosmotology School rather than colleges and universities because it is much more cost-friendly, quicker to complete, and offers a faster return on their money. Some people have had to go into debt for the first 10 or 20 years of their careers to pay off their college loans. And with the economy the way it is now, there is no guarantee of any return at all. It’s a pretty good bet that no matter how bad the economy gets, service industries like hairdressers, cooks, etc…will always have a job.

    To find approved schools in your area you can check online, the Yellow Pages, or call your state Cosmotology Board for recommendations.

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